Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


18. Want U Back

After I'd finished, I walked back over to Niall.
"NI OMFG WTF!!???"
I shouted,
He was kissing this red head with blonde and brown highlights in her hair.
"No, Em! It's not like that, she-"
I just left,
*Phones Ammie.*
'Pick your damn phone up!'
Text to: Ammie Kayneld
~Niall is drunk. He is kissing some read head. It's cos of all the shots he had. I'm crashing at your house.~
I walked, and walked, and walked.
I asked,
I heard a shout,
"Get yo arse here!"
I said that to Ni & Haz. I can't believe it. I'm gonna get so much hate from going one boy to another, I'll be on the news and then people will follow me...I HATE MY EFFIN' LIFE!
I said crying,
"Ni is being such a c*nt."
she exclaimed,
"Don't talk about him like that.."
we walked silently to her house and got in to find her boyfriend Adan playing with Billy.
"You are kinda young to have a kid..."
he said placing his hands on my waist,
"Azz! Adan is playing badly again!"
"Kaiii babeh!"
is everyone drunk today?
"Hey Em, my mate Hayden just wanted to help you. He thinks your sexy and said, 'if she needs to make Niall jealous, he is the man.' so what dya say?"
He said,
"How do you know I need to make Niall jealous?"
"It's all over the news,"
*Phone call from Heartbreaker, Sadie Taker, Styles.*
"Hello? Haz?"
"Hey Em. Heard about you and Ni. Want me to be your shoulder to cry on?"
"Sure, be right at your appartment."
*End call*
no lie, I need to get them, I will still stay at Azz's

Knocked on the door twice...
"Hey Emz!"
Harry screeched
"Miss me?"
I asked hugging him,
"Yup! ALOT!"
I felt happy to be in a meaningful embrace, Niall's sicken me now.
"Yeah Em."
"Thanks, I love you!"
I stood on my tiptoes and still couldn't reach his face, cos I was wearing ballet flats, so he leant down, and we shared a warm, passionate, sexy kiss.
I stepped into his appartment,
"I should get my stuff from Niall's house to Azz's,"
I said turning to leave,
Harry grabbed my wrist,
"When will I see you again?"
"Very soon Harold, very soon."
I said kissing his cheek and walking model-like out of the door.
*Niall's flat*
I pached everything I had in the small backpack that I'd used to get here from Harry's last time, and left a note on Niall's bed with my key to the flat. I left the flat and shut myself out. I'm going to live with Azz.
*Ammie's flat*
"Hey how is Billy?"
I asked as soon as she opened the door.
"Fine, just fed him hot milk. NOT too hot though. Just right..."
"Good, I'm moving in."
I walked into the livingroom and saw Billy in the arms of...Niall? I walked over, took Billy from him, and sat down on the opposite sofa.
"Come on babe. I'm sorry, I was drunk."
"I thought so, wanker."
I mumbled the last part,
"I heard you!"
he said reaching over and poking my tummy playfully, and laughing.
I shouted,
"Yeah they do hun!"
She said softly,
"Em don't do this to youself again,"
Niall pleaded, honestly.
I put Billy in his push chair and wheeled it round to Ammie, I hugged her and said goodbye, and walked into the freezing cold. oh DAMNIT I 4GT MY BAG!
I heard Niall call
"I have your bag!"
Oh great(!) Woohoo(!) Lets have a party(!) NOT!
I walked throught the mist, grabbed my bad, and walked on, until Harry's house.
"Hey babe!"
I said as he opened the door,
I knew Niall was waiting round the corner or the door so I stepped in.
"So, Sadie is in her room?"
I'm getting to see my daughter?!
I walked in and saw Sadie curled up on her bed, looking into Harry's phone. Youtube I guess?
*Knock knock*
"I'll get it babe!"
I said to Harry,
I opened the door to reveal Niall. What a surprise.
"Hey babe,"
Niall said leaning in to hug me,
I screamed,
I screamed, horrified,
Niall had blood dripping down his face.
"I got mugged when I was following you..."
"You were stalking me? noooo!"
I knew he was,
Harry walked over,
"Harry look at Niall's face!"
We took Niall in and Harry got a damp cloth so I could work my magic. I dabbed the wound so scrascley, that nobody would normally feel it. He winced,
"Harry, you take over I can't do this. Imma talk to Sadie about Billy."
I said.
I got up and walked into Sadie's room where I'd left Billy.
"Sadie, this is Billy your brother,"
I said, sitting next to her with Billy in my arms,
"Hold him!"
I said,
She held him like his gaurdian.
"Sadie, I'm sorry I ever let Harry touch or take you. I'm a horrible person."
I said looking down,
"No your not mum, your the best. I don't care what happens, as long as your my mum,"
I hugged her and took back Billy. I was put in the pram/buggy and wheeled into Harry's room, next to Harry's side of the bed.
I walked into the living room but paused at the door,
"I'm sorry bro,"
Harry said to Niall, wiping the blood from above and around his left eye. I walked in and sat on the coffee table.
They said in unison.
Niall looked at me, his eyes were begging for a kiss. Harry looked over at me and I patted Niall's head gently. Then I hugged Harry and sat back down on the table.
"How do you feel Niall,"
I asked, not really bothered,
"Not bad,"
"Imma go take a shower,"
I said,
"Can I come?"
Harry said,
"Ok but no hugging when I said stop,"
Niall switched the TV to news while me and Harry *Had a shower* but we actually just made out in the bathroom, cos it was white like heaven. Then I wrapped a towel around myself after stripping, then Harry stripped and wrapped a towel around himself.
"I really love you Harold!"
"You called me Harold!"
He said tapping my nose with his finger. He was probably just surprised i called him that, Time to *get out of the shower.*

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