Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


9. Urghh!

"Pwetty pwease with chewwys on top?"
I said pouting and giving him puppydog eyes.
"Urghh. I'm going to make hot chocolate."
Wow he loves hot chocolate!
I had the rest of my shower in peace and quiet,
    I stepped out and wrapped a towel round me, ready to go to bed. I was about to go in my room when I heard Harry on the phone in the kitchen,
"Niall, I don't get it. It's like she don't love me anymore. We were kissing, I felt her body, and she pushed me away. We were in the shower, and she gave me 5 seconds to hug her and I wouldn't let go so she had a go at me."
He was talking on loudspeaker.
"But Haz, remember what happened last time she went into that shower, you were dying. And she just need time to adjust."
"Urghh! Bye Niall. I need to think this through."
He hung up, and I watched him throw his phone at a wall and bury his head in his hands. I walked over to the entrance without him noticing,
"I do love you Harold,"
He looked up,
"No, you don't."
So I walked up to him, lifted his chin, and kissed him.
"Why would I ask you to marry me if I didn't love you?"
I asked,
"To play with my heart. Obviously."
So I pulled him into a tight hug and he pushed me away,
"We should go on a break."
He said sternly,
"Nope, I'm not leaving you."
He tried to walk off so I grabbed his wrist,
I shouted quietly not to wake Sadie. A tear slid down my cheek,
I whispered.
I sat with my back against the cupboard. And out of the corner of my eye I saw the concerned face Harry had on. Harry was such a softie
"Im sorry Em. I really am. Please forgive me. I will never forgive myself for what I just said. Im just- tired."
He said quickly,
"Yeah right. Dont worry, Ill be gone by morning. Tell Sadie I went on holiday. And don't get anyone to find me. We both know I dont belong here. Goodbye."
And I was going to Harry's room, not ours, to pack up. And I could easily tell he followed me to the room. I packed everything into a big pink backpack. Put on some clothes. And walked over to the door.
"Em please do not leave me."
"I will do as I please,"
I said,
As I walked out, Harry pulled me back by the waist.
"Harry let me go,"
I said, crying,
"No, you'll go and get Zayn to buy you drugs again. Im not losing you twice,"
I screamed breaking free and running off.

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