Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


12. Tricked You Harold

I slowly leveled with the ground,
"It's no wonder I hate you Harol- Harry,"
"No Em, I know you still love me."
"Think what you want, I have Niall's baby."
I sighed,
"Bitch, kill the baby, kill Niall, or fuck with me."
"Kill the baby."
"Fine, how?"
He asked dumbly,
"The only other way is to fuck someone and make it theirs,"
"Then I'll fuck with Niall and it will kill the baby and I'll have Niall's baby."
"No, fuck with me. Niall can watch if he wants."
He said trying to be smart.
"What if I say no,"
"I'll either rape you or hurt you till that kid is dead."
"Hurt me till it's dead."
he said,
he punched my tummy, and I groaned. It hurt but I was trying to make it look as if he was hurting a pregnant girl.
He said,
"It was my choice, carry on."
I winced.
"Not if it hurts you,"
"JUST DO IT! I chose it Harry."
"I'm sure you do but this isn't the way to show it and..."
"You have to go and collect Sadie from 73 Katrin Street."
I lied to him,
Im a good liar,
He frowned and left,
When he was definatly gone Niall said,
"Em you liar!"
I grinned and said,
"I Know!!!!!"

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