Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


24. The Truth About Love

"Hey Lou!"
I said,
"Em. Niall asked me to drop Billy off, he knew he couldn't face you after what happened, but I got him to wait in the car, he is outside."
Louis replied,
Harry and Louis carried me downstairs and out the front of the flats where I was settled to the ground and got familier with it, I ran to the car and saw Niall playing with Billy through the window I lightly tapped on the glass and Niall turned his head, he froze and the rolled the window down.
He said,
I whispered,
"Can I have Billy now?"
I asked,
he trailed off,
I asked
"I miss you Em, but you have Harry."
he cried with a tear rolling down his cheek
"I never started dating Harry after I left you Niall, I just kissed him because I was sharing a house so he wouldn't spazmo on me."
A smile formed on he face and I reached into the car and picked Billy up from Niall's lap and softly kissed his forhead.
"Emzie, I love you."
Niall whispered tearing up.

Hey Guise! Sozzii Itz Bin So Long Sins Ive Updayted and aye dont no why ayem trying 2 typ lyk a gangster. Imma type normally now!


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