Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


3. Surprise

Harry lead me to the car wearing a blindfold and we drove for what seemed like hours. The we stopped and I was lead down a street. When Harry finally removed the blindfold, I was standing face to face with my childhood night mare. 'Kellea Carehome,' Where I'd spent a solid three years of my life. I was chucked in there when my parents went to Australia for a week but moved there and forgot about me when I was 13. Three years later I get taken in by my auntie Lou Lou who soon put me back for being a lazy, messy, normal teenager. I moved out at seventeen and in with my friend Amie (who was in night club,) I did have some foster parents, (who are called parents in Night Club) who dumped me within four months. All these memories flushed back in the space of a minute  Harry was waiting by the entrance, was dumping me in a living nightmare my Christmas present from him?
He screamed,
I slowley made my way inside and into an office where a familiar girl, about 20, stood.
"Hello! I'm Miss Ellins. How can I help you,"
She asked,
I screamed
"Excuse me? Yes that is my name."
She replied,
Harry shot me a confused look and I walked over to Miss Ellins,
"When was the last time you threw your shoe at Micheal, and who was with you?"
I said nervously,
There was silence, then we both smirked and got stuck in the histerics.
"Am I missing something here?"
Harry asked,
"Your missing ALOT Harry...ALOT!"

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