Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


7. Sadie Raid

He instanly replied,
Then, Sadie turned to find out what was going on. Her mouth was in an 'O' shape and then she ran over to Harry and gripped his neck in a tight hug,
"Does this mean I'm, Sadie Styles, now?"
She asked,
"Yes love, it does!"
I smirked.
"Daddy, Mummy, it's getting dark...can we play murder in the dark?"
She squeaked,
sometimes I forget that she is twelve. I guess living in a carehome made her more of a softie. Sudden flashbacks of my mum and dad kissing me goodbye,
'We'll see you soon Emaria, dear. It's only a week. If we like it, we'll all move there.'
She said,
she obviously meant her and dad.
"O-of course."
I stuttered.
"I'm warning you dad, I'm really good! You have to count though dad. Ladies always go first."
"Of couse dear."
I said grabbing her hand,
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."
He had to count to thirty with a blindfold on. Sadie hid under her bed, I hid under the duvet in mine and Harry's room.
"25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. Ready or not I'm coming to find yah!"
He shouted,
I heard Sadie giggle, he was probably tickling her. I tiptoed into her room and jump on Harry's back,
"Don't touch my little girl Harold!"
I screamed playfully, laughing.
We all laughed and Sadie went to turn the light on, when I heard the front door open.
"Harry, did you hear that?"
"Yeah Em, Yeah I did..."
I hugged Sadie tightly as Harry walked out.
He shouted,
"I-It's O-okay Em. Im Okay."
He said.
"HARRY!!!! Sadie stay there.."
I said running to the door. Locking Sadie's behind me incase. She was quiet.
I said,
He was lying on the ground, no cuts, nothing, just lying on the ground.
"I'm okay baby."
He said faintly.
"Okay, who was that?"
"Three guys in black uniforms, saying, where's Sadie,"
I sighed,
"It's okay, she is locked in the spare room for saftey,"
"Em they ran to OUR room, then to the spareroom. Our room is where I..."
"Left my spareroom spare key."
There was a scream,
I ran to the room and they had pinned her to the bed. A gun on her temple. I grab a baseball bat and they all walked over. I made eye contact with Sadie and looked to the window, we live on the ground floor. She slid out and on the ground as I said,
"Why are you here?"
to distract them
"Mrs Baker wanted Sadie back."
"This is our Sadie Styles. Our family, You can't take her you bastards!"
I said hitting them with the bat all in a row, locking the window then locking the door which only locks from the outside. I went to find Sadie standing at the reception.
"Are you okay Sadie?"
"Yeah mum, who were they?"
"Your mum sent them."
"Thats why we are adopting you Sadie. We WONT let them touch, take or anything, with you. Now lets go and help dad off the floor."
So we helped Harry, called the police, and they took the black suited men out.
"They were like men in black. Three of them in black suits! Guns!"
Is all Harry stated
I sarcasticly said.
"Lets get to bed,"
"Mum, Dad, Im scared..."
"Sadie, I'll Sleep on one sofa and you can sleep on the other?"
Harry said,
"Yay! A double bed to myself."
I said sarcasticly.
"Its cold in the bed without you, Harold."
I cried,
walking to bed, to read fifty shades of grey. Just as I was finishing the chapter, Harry walked in.
"Sadie won't sleep. I'm lonley, please sleep on the sofa with me."
 I just nodded.
"But, its dead hot on those sofas! I hate sticking to them!"
I whisper shouted,
"You can sleep in your bra and pants..."
Harry mumbled,
"Excuse me Harold?"
"Okay, let me change first."
I said
"Make us three all hot chocolate?"
I asked,
He nodded and walked out.
I stripped off completly and wrapped a towel around myself. I walked in, sat down, and chatted to Sadie.
"Here is you hot chocolates."
He said, handing them out,
"I didn't say a towel.."
He said cheekily into my ear. I just gently pushed him.
"I'm only in a towel Harold."
"You know I hate it when you call me that,"
"That is exactly why I do,"
All these whispers going back and fourth,
"She's asleep."
He said normally,
He got a blanket and coated us with it, tugging at my towel, so I did. I kissed, him.
"What shall we do,"
He said seductivly,
"No sex,"
I stated,
He pouted,
"Dirty boy, Harold."
He gave me angry eyes.
"No sex, just kissing,"
I grinned.
I hugged him, and kissed him, his tongue entering my mouth. Our tongues danced and he drew circles on my back. Then he kissed my neck and started to feel at my lower region. I just moved his hand and he frowned.
"I said 'NO'!"
I whispered,
"I'm going back to bed,"
I said
wrapping my towel over my body,
"Please Baby!"
He said,
"Im going to bed, first Im taking a shower,"
"Can I come."
I said,
"But its Only a shower Harold. Only!"
"I said call me Harry."
He wined,
"I'll change my miiind."
"Fine! Call me Harold!"
I just walked to the shower with Harry following.
The hot water ran on its own for a while...

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