Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


23. Ok....?

I looked around the room, White and...Niall?
He shouted,
I didn't comfortable,
He tried to hug me,
"Stay back."
I said, pushing his chest
He whispered,
"You heard me, fuck off,"
My chest started to pound, and my face was gaining heat.
"Docter? She is turning red!"
Someone shouted,
I started to panic,
"Em, calm down,"
Niall whispered,
I screamed as my heart burned, a docter came over and watched a screen,
"She is having a panic attack,"
he shouted to some nurse wearing a tiny dress.
My eyes started to close, the last thing I heard was;
"Niall, I'm afraid YOU triggered her panic attack,"
And Niall's soft sobs.
*Hours Later*
The Soft Sobs had turned into loud deep ones.
I asked as I opened my eyes,
"Em! I missed you so much! I love you,"
he said,
A single tear of happiness slid down my cheek as I sat up and realized I was in a little bedroom.
"Where am I?"
I said, gently touching my head,
"I brought you on tour because I didn't wanna leave you,"
he said, so sweet!
"How long have I been out? And Where is Sadie and Billy?"
"You've been out for about 5 months, Billy is with Niall, and Sadie is with Zayn. They are bonding. Billy said his first word last week! It was Em."
he replied,
"I guess he hears it so much!"
I shrugged my shoulders,
Then there was a knock at the door and Louis walked in,
"Hey Lou!"
Harry said,

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