Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


13. Maybe

I soon felt guilty for lying to Harry when Sadie was home. So I picked up the phone while Niall was watching the news. Half way through dialling his number...
"Yeah Ni?"
I called,
I stared blankly at the TV,
"Reports just in of a video that was sent in three minuites ago, Harry Styles of one direction seen having sex with a red haired girl, unidentified, in the middle of a night club floor. Some say it was because he wanted to get his mind off recent girlfriend Emzie Caylie, in which he claimed was 'a slut who always begged for sex and undressed me as I slept. She is also bisexual and was thinking of moving in with best friend Ammie, who she wanted to hit on.' More on this story, after the break."
the lady on tv said.
I teared up and cried uncontrolably,
"Why would he do this?"
"Baby. He doesn't want you back. He wants to play with your heart."
"Niall? Will you sing to me?"
I sat down on the couch in his arms as his angelic voice chirped, Kelly Clarkson What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger). 
#You know the bed feels warmer,
  Sleeping here alone.
  You know I dream in colour,
  And do the things I want...#
I slowly fell asleep in his arms.
"Babe, the news is on again. Lets see what they say."
Niall woke me. Its half ten and Sadie is in bed.
"Earlier in the show, we explained about Harry and Emzie C. We caught up with him in top man buying his boxers,"
"So Nick Hastarn reports.
Nick: Hello Harry. Who was the red head you were with earlier?
Harry: What? 
Nick: How else can you describe your ex Em?
Harry: What did I say before?
Nick: 'a slut who always begged for sex and undressed me as I slept. She is also bisexual and was thinking of moving in with best friend Ammie, who she wanted to hit on.' So what are your thoughts on Emaria?
Harry: First of all, I didn't say that. Second, It's Emzie, NOT Emaria. Thirdly, Get the fuck out of my face because I'm trying to buy new pants. AND FOURTH! I LOVE EMARIA AND WHO THE FUCK IS THIS RED HEAD YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT?!
Nick: You know! The one you had sex with!
Harry: Shutup
Nick: *Holds earpeice* News just in, Emaria Chandler has just phoned up and told the studio that she wishes she could see Harry right now and punch him in the face. Emaria Chandler, I know you'll be watching. When will you be down her to punch him?
Harry: ITS EMZIE CAYLIE! *Punches Nick really hard in jaw.*
Nick: Wow! There you go folks! Harry Styles love her so much he punched me. B-Back to the Studiahh where there is penguin juice! *Out cold*

Wow Nick must of been punched hard. He is talking nonsense."
The lady finished and the credits came on.
"What the fuck? What the ACTUAL fuck?"
I said.
"I know! They all lied."
"Not that! Harry never buys blue boxers! they are always black. But blue is my favourite colour. Maybe he.... Nooooo! And anyway he hates that brand of pants. But honestly, my favourite brand, though I'm not a guy! But anyway Niall. Yeah! They all lied!"
I said,
"Em he DOES love you. If he hates that brand and that colour boxers and he is buying them when you like 'em it's to please you."
"The red head probably does to."
"He said himself he didn't fuck her."
"Someone posted the vid on twitter. Look!"
He looked,
He squealed.
He hugged me.
I started to sing,
"#Someday, I'll be, livin in a big old city, and all you ever gonna be is mean.#"
I sang quietly,
"Your a great singer,"
Niall whispered,
I just smiled.
"Can we properly make love?"
"Sure babe."
*Then IT Happend,*
*1 Month later*
I woke up in pain, not only because I've still been harrasses by reporters on Harry, But I remember a month ago what me and Ni Ni did. We did tell Sadie, and she understood. But I was screaming was and I could feel the baby kicking.
He had been up before me.
"Yeah babe."
"I need to have a pregnancy test."
We drove to the hospital after taking Sadie to stay with Lou, and I had a blood test. The docter came in,
"Mrs Caylie? You are a month pregnant with..."
We stared blankly waiting for the sex of the baby,
"A boy,"
Me and Niall grinned like idiots at each other. Then I frowned,
"Oh great now I'm going to be followed by the pap about Harry and our little boy. Phone Zayn to tell Sadie The News!"
I said,
The I felt the baby kick, and a single tear of joy walked down my cheek,
"Lets call it...Hmmm...I have a list in my head of old class mates like, Billy, Archie, Cameron, Harvey, Matthew and Ryan."
"Lets narrow it down to two babe."
"Ryan and Billy?"
"Lets sleep on it."

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