Not The Day - Sequel to Night Club **COMPLETE**

The sequel to my best movella 'Night Club'


6. Home For Mcdonalds

We got home, Harry told us that he got Zayn to order and he'll bring it round quickly. When Zayn was told Sadie's order we realised that he didn't know, so he told him...everything.
"Would you like to go and see your knew room Princess?"
Harry asked her,
He is so good with kids,
"Yes please! Mum said I can call you dad?"
She quoted excited,
"Yes you can Princess,"
"Ok daddy!"
She squealed as he lead her to the spare room, correction, Sadie's Room.
I was online looking for one of those door hanger things saying stuff and ordered one saying 'Princess Sadie's Room' when there was a knock at the door,
"Hello Zayn! I see you brought...NIALL??? ARE YOU EATING MY FOOD?"
I Shouted,
He said with four chips falling out of his mouth.
"Nialler you do amuse me. Get inside and I'll find Harry and Sadie."
I said walking off,
I heard a muffled irish accent ask Zayn who Sadie was, he replied with, Adopted Daughter.
"Oh Harry?"
I called like a princess looking for someone,
"Oh Emmie?"
He replied, kissing my nose.
"Where is our baby princess?"
"She is checkin' out the room!"
He walked into the kitchen and Niall questioned Harry until his ears were bleeding,
"Sadie, would you like to meet Zayn and Niall?"
"Yes Please!"
"Sadie you don't have to use your manners on me, we're now!"
"Okay thanks mum!"
She cried running to the living room.
I pulled out my old pink bed accesories and put them on her bed. Then I got to the living room.
"So hows it going?"
I asked,
"It's like she was born by you and Harry. I mean, Blonde hair like you Em and green eyes like you Haz. Then her hair is curly like yours Harry and she has an identical nose to you Em."
Me and Harry were shocked by what Niall had just stated,
"You have a cute nose!"
Harry whispered to me,
I just kissed his mouth and then hugged the king I was blessed with.
"Our foods getting cold, bye guys!"
Harry said,
So as they left, we got comfy on the sofa and Sadie flicked through telly channels.
I asked,
"Yes babe?"
He replied,
"Will you marry me?"








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