A different kind of love

An affair between Seventeen Magazines new columnist and a well known member of an oh so famous boyband starts off as an fling in London. A fun sort of relationship, no strings attached kind of thing, between two people whom enjoys a fun night.

The struggle between two lovers that somehow got stuck in old habits while finding themselves stuck in relationships with persons they do not belong with. Heartache, cheating and first and foremost - love. The kind of love you would go straight through hell for, but find yourself incapacitated by the fear of your own emotions.


2. Make believe

2014, New York
To avoid his gaze she kept applying makeup as she stared at her own reflection. Mascara, liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow. It took all of her concentration to keep her hands steady to avoid getting dark makeup all over her face. Finally she applied some pink gloss on her lips before daring to meet his eyes again. As she turned to face him she noticed that he stared at her with intense eyes, carefully watching her every move. As he tried to lock her eyes with his, she desperately turned to the mirror once again. Immediatly she felt the heavy feeling over her chest, a feeling she grown to know quite well over the last year, and she knew that the low level of anxiety was lurking right under the surface. As she felt her heart rate picking up at a high pace and the tingeling feeling in her legs getting stronger she dug her fingernails deep down in the palms of her hands. Feeling lightheaded and slowly starting to space out she tried to bring herself back by hurting herself without Zayn noticing. She closed her eyes, still digging her fingernails deeply into her palms.

2012, London
It was 5 in the morning when T finally reached the hotel lobby and it had only been one hour since she and Zayn had met at the balcony. He had left the club 30 minutes earlier than her and had been smirking towards her as he walked by T and her friends on the way out. With big confidence she walked through the lobby and heard the voice of her heels echo in the room. A short girl with blond hair fixed in a high ponytail looked at T from her chair behind the counter.
"How may I help you Miss?" The blonde watched her with sceptical eyes as she drummed her pencil at the desk.
"Uhm.. I am here to meet Z.. No wait." T dug her hand down the pocket on her blazer and pulled up a wrinkly note. "I am here to meet.." She trailed of as she read the name that was scribbled on the paper. Must be a joke.. He can't possibly...
"Yes, Miss? Who are you here to meet?" The blonde eyed her with intense eyes.
"Darth Vader. I am here to meet Darth Vader." T answered silently, almost ashamed. She gave the blonde an insecure look, prepared to be thrown out of the hotell any second. Instead, the blonde smiled at her as she pointed down the hallway next to the counter.
"Down the hallway you'll find the elevators, you're going to floor 12 and then the second room to the left. Room 125." The blonde gav T one last glance before her eyes returned to look at the computerscreen infront of her. T gave her a thankful nod before she walked towards the elevators.

2014, New York
"Babe?" Zayns questioning voice slowly called T back to reality. She opened her eyes and looked at him in the reflection. For the first time in hours he smiled towards her and it instantly warmed her heart. She turned around to meet his gaze and a a strained smile reached her lips.
"Babe, come to me." He almosted whispered the words, afraid to scare her if he spoke to loud. He looked at her with his big, brown eyes and carefully patted the space next to him on the bed. T hesitated before she left her place in front of the mirror. It was with heavy steps she walked towards him and he reached his hand out right before she made it to the bed. T gentle got a grip of his hand before she sat down on the bed. She felt the heavy feeling still lurking under the surface and bit her lip as she nervously started to peel off her nailpolish on her free hand.
"You know I love you, nothing will ever change that." He whispered in a low, husky voice as he gently got a grip of her chin with his free hand. Zayn stroked T's lowerlip with his thumb and she looked up to meet his eyes with hers. His dark, brown eyes were only inches away from hers and the heavy feeling suddenly disappeared. Zayns eyes were filled with love and concern, as always her heart melted. T gave him a barely detectable smile as she lightly squeezed his hand with hers. Zayns hand smoothly ran from her chin to her cheek and she lightly tilted her head closer to the touch of his hand. With locked eyes Zayn slowly pulled her face closer to his and their lips met in a light kiss.
"I'm so sorry babe, I didn't mean to bring it up again.. Sometimes it feels like we live in a world of fantasies - you, me, rainbows and unicorns. What about the reality babe?" He didn't answer her, only smiled widely before kissing her. A kiss more passionate than the last one and the warmth of his kiss flooded her body. T slowly ended the kiss but when Zayn noticed that she was about speak again he pressed his lips against hers with such intenisty that she couldn't hold back any longer. Her fingers touched his bare chest as his lips carefully followed the line of her exposed neck. Zayns hands smoothly ran over her breasts, belly and hips before they reached the end of her skirt. With impatient fingers he pulled up her skirt and she felt his warm hands on her naked thigh.
"Babe, the reality has never been the right place for us anyway." With a low, dark voice he whispered in her ear before gently pushing her down on the bed by pressing his body against hers.
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