A different kind of love

An affair between Seventeen Magazines new columnist and a well known member of an oh so famous boyband starts off as an fling in London. A fun sort of relationship, no strings attached kind of thing, between two people whom enjoys a fun night.

The struggle between two lovers that somehow got stuck in old habits while finding themselves stuck in relationships with persons they do not belong with. Heartache, cheating and first and foremost - love. The kind of love you would go straight through hell for, but find yourself incapacitated by the fear of your own emotions.


3. Amazayn-world

Ch 3

2014, February, New York
After she finally picked up all of her clothes that had been thrown in different directions all over the room she returned to the mirror for one last look. She quickly tried to fix her hair but settled for a loose braid that she laid down her shoulder. As long as it wasn't obvious sex hair she was satisfied.
"Fucking hell Zayn, my makeup and hair looked good earlier." T sighed as she grabbed her lipgloss and applied some pink glitter on her lips.
"Babe, you know that I can't stay away from you." He spoke in a teasing voice and she shot him an angry look across the room. Zayn was still on the bed, between wrinkly sheets and his hair was messed up. He winked at T before he finally stood up and picked up the towel that was on the floor, wrapping it around his hips. With a few steps he shrinked the distance between them and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.
"Only because you know you'll get laid." T whispered and gave him a brief look before staring into the mirror, just to avoid his dark eyes.

2012, February, London
T carefully knocked on the door to room 125 and heard footsteps on the other side just seconds after her hand had touched the door. As Zayn opened the door she noticed that the only clothes he was wearing was grey sweatpants. She found it very hard not to look on his bare chest and her eyes followed every line of his abs and eyed every detail of his tattoos.
"Is your plan to stare at me for the rest of the night or are you planning to keep your promise and fuck me some time soon?" He laughed in a low husky voice and winked at her. T looked into his eyes and before analyzing the whole situation she walked up to him and pressed her lips against his. She tightly pushed herself against him until he backed a few steps and she managed to close the door behind them with one of her feet, her fingers digging deeper and deeper into his back.

2014, February, New York
She sat infront of the mirror, eyed every line of her face until she met her own eyes. T's eyes used to be filled with joy and life but something had changed. The last few weeks her eyes had lost all their emotions and it was a lifeless face she saw in the mirror. Her eyes was empty and her cheeks that used to be bright pink was nowadays pale, even her clothes didn't fit as good as they used to. T had lost weight and people had started to figure out that something was terribly wrong. When her friends asked her what was wrong she blamed work and when her co-workers asked she just smiled and blamed all the planning she had to do. Everyone nodded as if they understood but eyed her cautiously when they thought she wouldn't notice. But none of them could imagine the war between her feelings that slowly was eating her up from the inside.

Zayn carefully moved away her hair and exposed her bare neck. He planted featherlight kisses over her nape as he wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her closer against his chest. He continued kissing her neck until he reached the soft spot behind her ear, slowly inhaling her scent. It was the most intoxicating fragrance he knew and he was filled with lust and love everytime his nostrils was filled with the scent, the exclusive fragrance of Natahlia Hill. Zayn felt the butterflies in his stomach as his fingers intertwined with hers, two years since they first met and those damn butterflies had been there ever since. His eyes locked with hers in the reflection and her facial expression caused a sting in his heart. He hated to see her like this, so fragile, like any word or even a gentle touch could make her trip over the edge. Zayn sniffad her playfully behind the ear before he started to nibble on her ear lobe. As he expected she tilted her head and a small smile reached her lips. He tilted his head in the same direction as she did and squeezed her hand.
"I love you Tahlia, everything will turn out fine. Just give it some time, babe." He whispered, afraid to tip her off the edge if he spoke too loud. T's expression changed once again and the smile on her lips dissapeard.
"Time is a luxury I don't have much off, maybe you forgot that in Amazayn-world?" She snapped as she freed herself from his arms and walked toward the couch to retrieve her bag.
"T, where are you going? Can you please stay and eat breakfast with me before you leave?" Zayn spoke in a pleading voice and looked at her with big eyes as she walked toward the door. He hated to be seperated from her when she wasn't feeling well, espacially when he was the reason for her sorrow.
"I'm meeting Eliahs mother, I have a kind of important wedding to plan. I'm sure you remember that as soon you get your ass back to reality and leave your little fairytale with unicorns and shit." T almost spat out the words before she furiously closed the door with a loud noise.
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