The acopalypse

Catharina Gerard is abnormal. She has what other people would describe as the perfect life: Her mum and her dad are both alive, they are rich and she has six siblings. There's just one thing nobody but her can change: She hates her life and the people in it. She hopes one day something will happen so they will finally understand what she is worth.
Suddenly everything in her life changes: The Zombie Acopalypse has begun, and Catharina can finally show what she is worth.

-This is a fanfiction about the television-show "The Walking Dead"


2. Returning home

I am at Marc's place. He fell asleep on the sofa a few minutes ago, so I'm just using his laptop. I can't do anything but laugh at him, when I find the porn. He got a hell lot of it. All of it is lesbian porn. I look at him, when suddenly he begins to moan. I glare at him like he's a freak. He's probably having some sex dream and I don't want to be part of it. It's disgusting. I close his laptop when I hear the doorbell ring. "Please open the door.. too tired.." Marc turns around. The doorbell rings again. "I'm coming for fucks sake!" I cry. In a few moments I open the door just to find Joseph out there. He grabs my shirt - he doesn't really look friendly.
"Why did you cause me so much trouble? I saw you driving away in Marc's car, so I thought you were here." he says angrily at me. I know I'm probably grounded for a month now and I sigh. It won't really be nice.

"Why, Catharina? Why do you keep hitting your siblings and running away from us?" my dad cries at me. I'm sitting in his office, waiting for my punishment. It won't be nice at all I guess. I mumble something nobody can hear as an answer. "You're not grounded. I hope you'll think about this. But if you do this again, you are never allowed to drive your skateboard again!" he shouts angrily at me. I stare at him. Never allowed to drive my skateboard again? I'm going to die. Don't you ever hit your sister again, or you won't have permission to drive your skateboard again! Don't! I think to myself. As a girl who should've been born as a boy I am very concerned about my skateboard. Couldn't ever live without it. I'm still just sitting there and staring at him, like I'm chocked. Which I actually am. A bit.

"So he just said you couldn't drive your skateboard ever again if you hit any of your siblings or ran away just once more? That's.. weird. Your parents are really strict, you know that?" Zachary tells me. Zachary is one of my best buddies. He's awesome and thinks I am too. "Yeah, they are. They hate me for not going to beauty contests like Celia. That's ridiculous, right?" I say. We're driving through the small streets in Beverly Hills on our skateboards. I'm sure my mum would hate this - we're not wearing helmets or anything that could even remind me of protection. I grin at Zachary and he grins back. "It is, trust me on this one. You know what? I'd love it if something.. interesting would happen. Like zombies!" Zachary smiles at me. I don't smile back. I love my life as it is right now, but his words makes me wonder about how life would be if we would have to fight for our lives. 

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