The acopalypse

Catharina Gerard is abnormal. She has what other people would describe as the perfect life: Her mum and her dad are both alive, they are rich and she has six siblings. There's just one thing nobody but her can change: She hates her life and the people in it. She hopes one day something will happen so they will finally understand what she is worth.
Suddenly everything in her life changes: The Zombie Acopalypse has begun, and Catharina can finally show what she is worth.

-This is a fanfiction about the television-show "The Walking Dead"


3. A long day finally ending


"I'll head home. My dad won't be so pleased if I'm home late today" I say and smile at them. About an hour after I joined Zachary at the skatepark, a few more friends joined. Now we're just sitting at the ground. Zachary, Will, Cayleigh - who by the way is the only other girl besides me hanging out with these cool guys - and Jayden are drinking beer whilst Graham and I are only drinking cider. I don't want to get drunk right now - first of all I'm not at a party and it would be silly to get drunk here. Second, I'm sleeping at home today though it's summer vacation. I love having vacation - school is so boring. I'm rich. Why do I have to go school? When I turn 21 I have five million dollars waiting for me. I just have to survive until I'm 21 - and I could do that working at McDonalds. It's just a few years - and working at McDonalds I can party hard the whole time. All of this I think of while I'm skating home - on my skateboard of course. If I was skating on my bicycle it would just be.. weird.

Finally I toss my skateboard in the garage and walk straight in the house. I assure myself that everybody is eating in the third living room - the big one we only use for eating - before I run upstairs to my room, silent as a ninja. "Catharina, is that you?" my mother shouts. "No" I quickly answer. I can hear Melanie laugh. I forgot to tell you guys about Melanie. She is the only one of my six siblings whom I like. Melanie is a twelve-year-old, very awesome little girl. She is ironic - just as me - and then she loves to climb trees and do "boy stuff". Every time I look at her hanging out with her guy friends, riding their bikes, playing Super Mario or climbing trees, she reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. We're five girls and one boy. Celia, Janette and the nine-year-old Mariah loves beauty contests, makeup and doing their hair. Melanie and I are like boys. We're happy, as long as we can get to do stuff with our body, train and work hard - or just sit in front of the computer. Joseph - my big brother - is gay. He's just like the girls, though he also does a lot of training. But that's only for looking good. Joseph is twenty years old, but he stills lives at home. In five months he will move out - by then he will turn 21, and then he will gain access to his five million dollars. I'm fifteen years old, and Celia is seventeen. We all live at home until we're 21 - except me. I convinced my parents that I should move out when I turned 16, so they let me. Ten months, and then I can escape from this hell.

"Goodnight, Catharina. We would love to see you at the dinner table, but if you don't want to come, you don't have to." my mother shouts to me. I sigh. Why would I want to come down there? Wait a minute.. it would annoy Celia and Joseph a hell lot. Should I go there just to annoy them? I smile and walk slowly into the dining room. I make sure I walk a way they would find annoying. "Hey everybody." I say with a deep voice. Everything that could annoy them even just a little bit, I do. Everybody at the table quiets down, when I pull out the chair and sit down. It's awkward but I like it, because it seems to annoy Celia. Melanie already figured out my plan; she's dying of laughter but not a sound is heard from her.
"Wanna go out to'morw 'n pick up sum boys?" I ask Celia with the best American accent I can make. She hates American accent and prefers the british, so of course I make the American one. Forced she smiles at me. "No, Catharina. Shouldn't you play in the mud too?" she asks with a sweet smile. As always Celia knows exactly what I do hate. I decide to keep calm. Melanie can't keep her laughter inside anymore. She bursts out in laughter and receives a so deadly look from Celia that she just leaves the table, still laughing. Janette looks at me like I'm scum. The rest decides not to even look at me. I just love it when I annoy people I don't like.
"With that nose you won't be able to participate in any beauty contests for a long while, Cell" I tell her and grin at her. She hates that special nickname - 'Cell'. My father can't do anything but smile at it. He's good enough some times. "Catharina, if you only came down here to criticize Celia, then I think you should go upstairs to your room right now" my mum says. I look at my plate. My mum filled it with tomato sauce and spagetti. I smile. Calm and nicely I go to a big cupboard and looks in the shelf where I know she keeps her finest watches. I take a Rolex-watch - looks very expensive and nice - and then I quietly throw it in the tomato sauce. "Goodnight, mother" I smile and walk up to my room.

Melanie is already sitting there. She is red all over the face. "That was so hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen anything funnier. You should do that a lot more often!" Melanie tells me. I make sure the door is locked, and then I throw myself on the bed, laughing together with Melanie. "I.. (laughter) threw mum's Rolex-watch..(more laughter) in the tomato sauce! She was like all chocked. It looked so funny!" I say. Melanie looks at me with her mouth open, and then she bursts out in laughter. "I can just imagine that!" she says, "I brought my mattress, duvet and pillow. Can I sleep in here tonight?" 

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