The acopalypse

Catharina Gerard is abnormal. She has what other people would describe as the perfect life: Her mum and her dad are both alive, they are rich and she has six siblings. There's just one thing nobody but her can change: She hates her life and the people in it. She hopes one day something will happen so they will finally understand what she is worth.
Suddenly everything in her life changes: The Zombie Acopalypse has begun, and Catharina can finally show what she is worth.

-This is a fanfiction about the television-show "The Walking Dead"


1. Siblings by coincidence, enemies by choice

I hear her a long time before she knocksmy door. "Catharina, would you mind to come down and interact a bit with others? We're actually throwing a kind of party here, you know. For the family. Not a real party. Your little brother is turning three. You don't have to wear a dress or anything. Just come down and say hi. Be normal for once!" My lovely sister, Celia, knocks my door a few times again. She hates me and I hate her. Nobody can change that. We are just so different - she likes beauty contests and I like skateboarding with the guys. Though she sometimes actually tries to be nice to me, I know it is all because my friends are hot and she wants a boyfriend. Then she fell in love with this guy named Paul and it all changed. She never tries to flirt with anyone anymore: Paul is the only guy in the world she wants right now. Though I don't like Paul that way, I must admit that he is really hot. He's also nice and when Celia is not around we play games together. Just like me, he is a true gamer. He has an X-box, a PS3 and a really fast computer. He's funny, too. I like him only as a friend but Paul seems to be a little in love with me. One time he tried to kiss me, and I told him that Celia was the right for him. He's in love with Celia. Don't ask me why. I don't get why anyone could fall in love with that bitch, but she can be nice - if she wants to, of course. She can turn from a sweet angel to a real bitch in zero point five seconds. I barely have any female friends; I only have one female friend and she is exactly like me. We should've been born as boys; if we were, we would fit a hell lot better in the socially constructed ideas of being "normal". I suddenly remember that Celia was still waiting for an answer, and I sigh. I just want to go to the skate park right now, but then I would have to cross the living room where everybody are.
"I'm coming, calm down. I just have to go down there and say hi, right? Will I have to stay there for a long time?" I ask before I open the door. If I opened, she would just get me down there with force. Not that she could beat me - ever. I'm way stronger than her.
"Yeah, you'll just have to say hi to your family. Is that really so difficult? You can go to the skatepark later, I think." she shouts back. I unlock the door, and she opens it. She looks at me like I suddenly turned into a dinosaur or something.
"You're not wearing anything but underwear.. and you almost have a sixpack! You're a girl! That's gross! Did you know that? Only boys are supposed to have sixpacks! Not girls! I.." Celia stops talking when I hit her in the face. Every time she criticizes my friends or I, I hit her in the face. She starts crying, and I know I've gotten into some really bad trouble. If my mother hears her cry before I get away, I know I will be grounded for at least a week or so. I push Celia away, so she falls and that makes her cry even more.
"Celia, honey, why are you crying? Did Catharina hit you again? No, Catharina, you stay right there! Don't you run away from me! Come here, young lady! Oh, Joseph, go catch Catharina, would you mind?" my mother shouts at me. My big brother, Joseph, starts to run after me but luckily enough I'm both faster and smarter than him. I run out of the backdoor and I see my bike about ten meters away, right at the entrance gate which is - luckily enough - open. Quickly I grab my bike and starts to cycle away from him. Unfortunately, he grabs his bike too and starts to cycle after me. I'm not in a good mood right now. He's not going to catch me this time! Angrily I cycle fast across the streets of Beverly Hills and takes every little short cut I can to get to the skating park. At the skating park there will be guys to help me get away. Joseph's not really quick today, I notice. He's already far behind me. I turn to the right, and then I suddenly see my good friend, Marc, sitting in a car. I toss my bike in some backyard, opens the door to Marc's car and he turns to me.
"I need to get far away real quick. Not to the skaterpark, that's the first place they'll look for me." I say to him. He smiles at me and starts to drive.
"Where to, miss?" Marc says in real Titanic-style. I grin.
"Just your place, I think" I say.

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