Unexpected love

Katlyn thinks its just another horrible Monday when she goes to work but when she gets there she runs into Justin Beibers body guard when he sees her he falls in love!


1. Where it all began

Katlyn's point of view "Uhh I hate Mondays why do they exist" I say as I drag myself through the door of the mall I work at. There was a lot more people in line at the cafe/bookstore where I work. as I walk through the door I am shoved by a guy in a black suite "hey watch it!" "Oh I'm sorry Jackson watch out and let here through" I look at him umm I think he looks like someone I know "Hi I'm Justin Bieber!" Justin's point of view There I am sitting there signing autographs and then I see her walking towards Jackson my body guard oh no he just shoved her "Oh I'm sorry Jackson watch out and let here through" she stares at me a moment I don't think she realizes who I am so I say "Hi I'm Justin Bieber!" I look at her beach blond hair and light skin though kind of tan like she loves to lay at the beach and then I look in her eyes those deep golden eyes with brown specks in them. Katlyn's point of view He just kinda stares at me like he's intrigued by how I look I look down at my clothes I'm wearing my old pair of jeans they have holes all over them and a faded black t-shirt and my black combat boots I look back up and he's looking at me like I'm the queen of England "um I'm sorry I have to get to work." I say "wait what's your name?" "Katlyn Renee."

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