Unexpected love

Katlyn thinks its just another horrible Monday when she goes to work but when she gets there she runs into Justin Beibers body guard when he sees her he falls in love!


2. Chapter two

After the autograph session I stayed at the cafe/bookstore till closing time. As I wait for Katlyn to get off work my phone starts ringing *baby baby baby oh li-* the song cuts out as I pick up. * "hello?"

"big brother what are you doing tonight?" 

"jazzy hey lil sis I'm just hanging with a new friend ." 

"oh ok well just call later I want to go bowling with sometime this week."

"you got it jazzy love you bye."

"bye big brother."

As I hang up the phone I see katlyn walk out the doors

"hey katlyn right?" I half shout as I close the distance between us.

"ya, if you don't mind me asking why are you still here?"

"I thought I would offer to walk you home."

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