In the end, who wins?

Im danish but prefer english stories

This is the story about 18 year old Amelia Smith. She's a famous british singer dating the perfect Liam Payne of One Direction. She doesn't know the other boys that well, and in the start she's convinsed Liam is her true love, but will all that change after only a week with One Direction?
Will she fall for the damaged Harry Styles or the all to caring and sweet understanding Niall Horan, or the fun and truthfull Louis Tomlinson, mysterious and sexy Zayn Malik or will she stay true to Liam Payne? It's hard to be the girl, who's loved by five boys, who all have different values, but the real question is:
Will the boy she chooses, choose to stay with his lads or will he break his lads heart and choose the one girl they all have a thing for?
Will Amelia Smith choose the right boy and break four boys heart and maybe cause total damage to the group or will she lose the five boys she love and choose someone else?
Either way she will break someones heart


2. Three words


This morning is the first morning in two months, were I’ve been sleeping relaxed and good. Yesterday Liam and I went home to his place and we put on a few movies and afterwards we went to bed. Liam is still asleep and I can’t bear to wake him up. He’s been out touring for two months and I think it’s the first time in a long time that he’s been sleeping good. He looks really peaceful, his hair is lying messy on his forehead and he’s taking really deep breathes.

I sat up in the bed and took the duvet around me and walked over to the place, where I left my close last night. I reach down to grab it and something caught my eye. A little cupboard is standing in his bedroom and on it is a framed picture… Of me. I haven’t seen it before, has it always been there or is it new? Either way it’s sweet of him, but I’m not that good at pictures, but I love them. I admire the picture longer than I thought and I let out a small scream when I feel someone’s strong arms around me.

“Oh Liam.” I say as I turned my face to see him. I put my focus back on the picture and feel Liams lips on my bare shoulder. “Good morning beautiful.” He says resting his chin on my shoulder. “What are you looking at?” he adds.

I smile and turn my eyes to meet his. “When did you get this picture of me?”

He smiles and turns his focus to the picture and then back to my eyes. “The day before we went on tour.” I turn my body to him and put my arms around his back and pull him closer. I rest my head on his chest and his arms are around my waist too and he kisses my hair softly. “Why did you get it?” I ask sounding embarrassed and I know he could hear it in my voice.

“Because I had to have you with me.” He says serious. I look up on him and he looks back smiling at me. “But Liam…” I start; I raise my eyebrows and get a mischievous smile on my lips. I pull away and cross my arms over my chest. “Yes babe?” he asks smiling at my pose.

“If you have a picture of me then it’s only fair if I have a picture of you too.” I say trying to remain a cool surface. I can see how Liam makes big eyes as if it was the worst possible thing, but I know he’s kidding.

“Oh no… Not a picture of me!” he says sounding really scared. He plays along and so does I. “Oh yes… A picture of you!”

“No anything else than a picture of me!” he says begging me and take a step closer to me. “Can’t it please be something else?” he asks still playing along. He takes his hands on my waist and a smile grows on his lips. “There is only one other thing I want.” I say smiling at him.

“And what is that?” he asks winking at me. “What I really want… Mr Liam Payne is… I really want breakfast!” I say losing my pose and take my hands to my stomach and smile at him. He laughs and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

“Go get dressed then and we’ll go to Starbucks.” He says making his way over to his closet to find something for him to wear. My clothes was a dress that I wore yesterday, so the only option I had was to use Liams shirt from yesterday and find the extra pair of jeans I laid here last time. I take underwear on and walk up to him and stand beside him looking for my jeans in his enormous closet.

“Babe, your jeans are on the top shelf.” He says like he knew what I was looking for. I look at him and smile and he smiles back. “But I can’t reach the top shelf.” I say smiling embarrassed.

He giggles and reaches to grab them. “Here you go, Lia.” He says reaching them out for me to grab them, but right before I take them, he pulls them behind his back and smiles.

 “Isn’t there something you’re forgetting?” he asks smiling big. “Thank you sweet Liam.” I say smiling.

“Arh that wasn’t what I meant.” He says. He bites his under lip and I can’t help but giggle. I give him a kiss and he gives me my jeans. “Thank you.” he says smiling. He takes out a basic pacific blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I take the jeans on and finds Liams shirt and take it on.

I take my hair in to a messy ponytail and I find some old converse I left here. I take them on and stand in the door waiting for Liam to find his keys. “You coming or what?” I say teasingly. “Hey you try to find those keys.” He says looking in his pockets again.

I can’t hold the poker face and I laugh. “Why are you laughing?” he asks knitting his eyebrows together. I take out the keys and show him that I have them. “Why didn’t you just give me them in the first place?” he asks tired. I laugh at him and he kisses my cheek and takes the keys. We walk out and Liam locks the door.

“Then it wouldn’t have been fun at all.” I reply and in twine my fingers with his.

We walk down to the Starbucks that is closest and a lot of people take our picture while we’re walking, but because Liam and I both are famous we have learnt to ignore the flashes. We are just in the middle of some normal chit chat, when a little girl and her mom walk up to us. Liam and I stop talking and turn our focus to the little girl. “Hi sweetheart.” I say kneeling down to her.

She turns red and smiles big. She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. She’s standing right in front of her mom and her mom is just smiling. “I like your shirt.” Liam says. It is a shirt with his and the boys’ faces.

“Tha- tha- thank you.” she manages to say. Liam smiles to her and she turns pink.

“What’s your name?” I ask her losing my grip on Liam’s hand. “Emma.” She says looking at me with her clear green eyes.

“Nice to meet you Emma, I’m Lia and this is Liam.” I say pointing at my lovely boyfriend, who exchanged a quick hello to Emmas mom. “I- I know. I’m a big fan of yours and One Directions music.” she says with her sweet voice fumbling with a straw of her long brown hair.

“Thank you.” I say smiling at her. “Can you sign this?” she asks giving me a piece of paper.

“Of course. How old are you sweetie?” I ask taking her pen and start writing. “10.” She replies smiling. She is really small for her age, but I’m not the first one people think is 18, so I am not the one to judge. “10.” I mumble.

I start writing on her paper. ‘Dear Emma, keep on being yourself and don’t let anyone tell you how you shall live your life. Keep on smiling that beautiful smile of yours. Love you, lots of love Lia.’ That’s the message I write to her and I hand it back to her. She quickly reads it and a smile grows on her lips. “Thank you.” she says giving me a hug. I hug her back and let her slip away again. Liam writes too and she asks for a photo of the three of us. Liam and I agree and Emma walks up to us.  

Liam takes his arm around her and so does I. We are still on our knees and her mom takes the picture. “Say cheese!” Liam says and he makes Emma and I laugh. It becomes a really nice picture and I ask if her mom quickly can send it to my number. I make sure she deletes the number so it won’t slip out.

We walk away and talk a bit about Emma. I look at the photo again and it really is a cute picture. We finally arrive at the Starbucks and we eat our breakfast in a nice and slow tempo. Liam order some weird breakfast, but I just order waffles and toast. Liam eats really sweet and I just can’t help, but love every little thing about him.

“So you excited for next week babe?” Liam asks taking a sip of his orange juice. “Yeah I’m really looking forward to get to know the lads and I’m really psyched about meeting Eleanor. You’ve described her as an incredible sweet girl.” I say placing my fork and knife on the plate after taking the last bite of my waffles.

“Yeah she really looks forward to meet you too. She really loves your music just so you know.” Liam says giggling. “Great, then we have something to talk about.” I reply smiling. There comes a silence and Liam looks passionate in to my eyes and forces me to look right into his. He takes his hand and reaches out for mine and we hold hands on the little table. I smile at him and focus on our hands and then back on him.

“You’re absolutely amazing you know that right?” he says smiling and squeezing my hand gently. I smile and look down on my plate and back up to meet his brown eyes. “Well I don’t know about that, but one thing I do know, is that you’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.” I say smiling sweetly at him and I can feel myself blush a bit. He smiles even bigger and kisses the hand, which holds his and rubs it gently with his thumb afterwards.

“And you’re the best girlfriend, I’ve ever had.” He replies. I smile at him and a silence grows over the table. It was like he had something to say, but didn’t say it. I wanted to tell him something too, but I really didn’t want to be the first one to say it. I loved him that’s for sure and I just really wanted to tell him that. He avoided my look, but after a while he sighed and looked back in to my eyes and a smile grew on his lips as he opened his mouth. He tried to say something, but he needed to take a deep breathe. Okay this is it. I’m gonna’ tell him now.

My eyes meet his as I open my mouth ready to say the three words that means everything.

“I love you.”

I just said it. It took a moment for me to realize that I wasn’t the only one, who said it. Liam said it the exact same time as me. I just looked at him in shock, but after a while a smile grew on my face and I let out a small laugh and so did Liam.

“I can’t believe we said that at the same time. That’s just bizarre!” Liam says smiling big. “Yeah me neither, but it’s a good thing to know.” I say leaning my head a little to the side and smile brightly at him.

“I love you.” he says again. Now alone and not the same time as me. “I love you too.” I say and without realizing our lips are really close and we kiss. 

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