In the end, who wins?

Im danish but prefer english stories

This is the story about 18 year old Amelia Smith. She's a famous british singer dating the perfect Liam Payne of One Direction. She doesn't know the other boys that well, and in the start she's convinsed Liam is her true love, but will all that change after only a week with One Direction?
Will she fall for the damaged Harry Styles or the all to caring and sweet understanding Niall Horan, or the fun and truthfull Louis Tomlinson, mysterious and sexy Zayn Malik or will she stay true to Liam Payne? It's hard to be the girl, who's loved by five boys, who all have different values, but the real question is:
Will the boy she chooses, choose to stay with his lads or will he break his lads heart and choose the one girl they all have a thing for?
Will Amelia Smith choose the right boy and break four boys heart and maybe cause total damage to the group or will she lose the five boys she love and choose someone else?
Either way she will break someones heart


3. The ice king is melting


“I call shotgun!” Louis screamed out from the house. “No, why do you always have to call shotgun first?” Zayn complained.

“I’m the oldest!” Louis says while leaning in the doorframe smirking at Zayn.

“But, Louis, why can’t you just drive the car and then Zayn can sit beside you?” Liam suggests. He puts his hands on my waist as he stands behind me.

“Yeah Louis!” Zayn says pulling out his tongue at Louis. “Fine.” Louis finally says after a silence. Both of them go into the car and I turn to face Liam.

“So, you ready for this, babe?” Liam asks kissing my forehead. “Yeah I’m really looking forward to get to know them. I feel like nothing is gonna’ ruin this week.” I say honestly and smile bright at Liam. We’re just about to kiss, when someone yell at each other. I pull away from Liam to see what’s going on and I turn to see Harry storm out of the house with Niall behind him. Niall is trying to get Harry to calm down.

“Harry come on, you’re overreacting!” Niall says and stops walking. Harry stops too and turns to face Niall. Harry looks really pissed. “I just don’t get it!” Harry says angrily. “Why can’t I bring a guest? Liam brings…” he says and looks at me like I was a piece of meat. “That girl and Louis brings Eleanor, so why can’t I bring anyone?!” Harry screams in anger.

The yelling and screaming really get to Niall, I can see that, and he takes deep breathes trying to calm him down, but it doesn’t seem to help and Niall snap.

“Because Lia and Eleanor aren’t just one night stands like every girl of yours is!” Niall snaps angrily at Harry. Harry takes a step back and looks at me giving me an elevator look and then stopping when he reaches my eyes.

“Eleanor is not, but I don’t know about her.” Is the last thing Harry says before turning around to get in to the car.

Did he just say that? Did he actually just say I was a one night stand? What the hell?

“Hey you don’t speak like that to my girlfriend!” Liam says angrily and lays a hand on Harrys shoulder to turn him around. Harry faces Liam and look at me quick.

“Fine. Sorry.” he says quickly at me before going into the car. I hear Louis say something like ‘c’mon lad, just chill for this week okay? Forget about all that happened and move on, okay?’

What happened to Harry in the past?

Liam turned to me and he still looked really angry. I stroke his cheek and he slowly grows a smile on his lips.

“Let’s just get the best out of this week.” I say smiling. Liam nods and gives me a quick kiss. Niall walks up to us and put his hands in his pockets and smile. After that he turns his glance to Liam.

“He seriously needs to pull himself together.” Niall says shaking his head. Liam nods and mumble a yeah yeah I know- kinda thing.

“If he’s still like that after this week, I don’t know if he’s ever gonna’ get over her.” Niall says as he walks into the car.

So let me get this straight. Harry is acting like that because of a girl?

On the small 10 minutes car ride to Eleanors house, Louis and Zayn sat in the front. I was in the middle sitting between Liam and Niall and Harry was sitting alone in the back. When Eleanor came into the car, Liam would move back and try to talk with Harry.

Zayn and Louis are screaming along to the lyrics of Call Me Maybe and it’s really entertaining, though I can’t help, but feel bad for Harry somehow. If a girl could do this to him, he must really have loved her.

We finally arrived to Eleanors place and she looks stunning. She quickly got in and everyone greeted her, except Harry of course. I introduced myself and we got along quite well.



We just arrived at the location and right now people are figuring out, who sleeps with whom. Louis and Eleanor sleeps in one room, Liam and I in another, but Zayn, Harry and Niall can’t agree on who sleeps on the couch and they’ve been discussing it for a while now.

“Fine, I’ll sleep on the couch then.” Harry says sounding so tired. He instantly lay down on the couch and Zayn and Niall high five each other.

It’s almost 11pm so everyone is pretty tired. It’s the first day and we’ve all just finished unpacking and everyone is going to sleep. Liam and I are already in bed and Liam just fell asleep. I’m feeling really thirsty so I quietly sneak out of the room.

The kitchen is pretty close so I make it down there in no time. I take a glass of water and look out of the room, where I spot a boy standing out there. I get a little scared at first, but then I recognize the curls and I grab a sweater and a pair of Nialls sneakers and I decided to walk out to the cold wind and talk with Harry.

I walked up to the spot, where the shape of a young boy was standing. I started walking slower, because I was getting more and more nervous. Why was I getting nervous? Okay, I didn’t know what to say to him, but I would just take it as it would turn out to. I crossed my arms in a try to get warmer. I stopped, when I was three steps behind Harry. I could tell he was looking up on the stars or the moon. He seemed really down.

I bit my lip as I was about to say something. But before I spit out my words, Harry had turned his face a bit to see me standing right behind him. “What are you doing out here?” he said as he turned his head again to watch the sky. I felt a wind come through my interior body and it caused shivers.

“I-I’m just… Eh… Hey I could ask you the same, what are you doing out here?” I said trying to avoid the question, because I honestly didn’t know. “You shouldn’t be here.” He said seeming so far away in his own thoughts. “And why is that?” I ask raising my eyebrow even though he couldn’t see it as he had his focus somewhere else.

Harry sighed and turned around to face me. “You should be in your warm bed with your perfect boyfriend, sleeping. You shouldn’t be out here. This is the place where I can be alone and you are kinda’ ruining the alone part.” He said with a slight annoyed in his voice.

“Well I’m sorry, but you looked kinda’ down and I just wanted to check up on you.” I replied changing my voice’s sound so it sounded a little more sympathetic. He got surprised for a second, but then his poker face was on again. “Why? You don’t like me so why- you don’t like me, so why bother. No one cares and nobody likes me.” He said sounding really hurt.

I took a step towards him. “Who said I didn’t like you?” I say standing a step away from him.

“Well you just- you don’t seem like you do.”

“I don’t hate you-“ I said and I mumbled the rest. “But I don’t particularly love you that much either.” I mumbled. We looked at each other for a moment with no one making a sound. “But everybody cares Harry- everyone likes you.” I add looking right in to his dazing green eyes.

“How do you know?” he asks sounding like he’s giving in. He’s letting his guards down a bit.

“Because… In every conversation somebody says something about you have to get better and things.” I say shrugging my shoulders. Harry nodded his head and bit his lip gently.

“But why is it you have to get better? What happened to you?” I ask avoiding his glance as I fear I pushed it by asking that question. He smiled at me and giggled a bit, but it wasn’t a happy one.

“It’s a long story.” He said. “I’ve got time.” I replied quickly. He smiled and walked closer to me.

“Just go inside and go to bed where Liam is waiting for you. Enjoy your perfect relationship.” He said walking past me. This is it, I needed to push it if I wanted to know.

“I know that a girl broke your heart.”

That’s the line I say. I turn around to see Harry completely stopped moving. I looked for any kind of movement in him, but he was like frozen. He turned around, but didn’t move closer to me.

“It wasn’t just a girl.” He says as he shakes his head and start walking away again. I ran after him and made him stop. “Harry won’t you please just tell-“ I start, but Harrys had enough and he couldn’t continue turning me down.

“She broke my heart.” He says and I can hear his voice turning sadder and he gets trouble speaking already. “Let’s go inside, it’s warmer in there.” He said and tried to smile at me, but it fainted away quick.

We walked inside and sat down in the couch where he was sleeping in. I sat down and Harry went under the duvet he had. He offered me to go under too and I pulled it over my legs.

“So what happened?” I ask really wanting to know what happened.

He takes a deep breath and looks right into my eyes. “You sure you wanna’ know?”

I nod desperately and he begins. “I met this girl a long time ago, Jamie. She was everything I ever wanted in a girl. She was sweet, smart, funny, and beautiful and she made me feel so… Complete. We were together for…” he stopped telling and thought about something. “For a long time.” He finally says.

It seemed like there was more to it, but I let it go and continued listening to Harry.

“We were together while I was on the X Factor and while I was there, she was going to college.” He continues. “We had an amazing relationship in the beginning, but the more intense X Factor got, the more I felt like I was losing her. “ he said. I could see the tears run down his face. I took his hand and stroke it. “One day while I was having my break of X Factor, she called me and said she had found someone else.” He said wiping the tears away from his cheek. “He went to the same college and he was with her all the time. They had fallen for each other and there was nothing I could do about it. She ended it with me and now she’s married to that guy, Christian, I think. She left me for some other guy and it hurt so badly. But that isn’t everything.” He was so vulnerable right now and I felt so bad for all the mean things I’ve ever thought of him.

“She is sick. She called me a couple of years ago and told me she had gone down with something… It wasn’t deathful, but she felt like she needed to tell me and it hurt so bad hearing her voice again. It was like getting dumped all over again.” he said, but I made a sign to make him stop speaking. He was so sad and I instantly just pulled him close and hugged him tight. He cried into my shoulder and I couldn’t help, but let a tear slip my eye too.

He pulled away and looked at me heartbroken. I smiled at him gently and he returned it. I stroke his cheek and he smiled again. We just looked at each other not saying anything.

“Babe? What are you two doing?” a voice said tired. Harry and I both looked up and I saw Liam looking at us looking really tired. “Nothing.” I replied and moved away from Harry and Harry turned away from Liam and wiped the rest of his tears away.

“Harry are you crying?” Liam asked confused. “No.” Harry replied really quickly. I got up and walked up to Liam. Harry sat up and looked at us.

Liam admired me and he stroke my cheek. Then the smile turned into a frown. “Babe have you been crying?” he asked looking worried at me. “What happened?” he adds.

“I’ll tell you later, let’s just go back to bed okay babe?” I suggest with a smile and Liam nods and kisses my forehead. “I’ll just go and you two can say goodnight. Good night Harry.” Liam said walking away.

I turned to Harry and he immediately got up. I gave him a big hug and he hugged back tightly. “Good night Harry.” I whispered. “Good night Lia.” He whispered back.

“And thank you.” I say pulling away. “For what?” he asks.

“For telling me.” I say smiling. He smiles and nods. “Thanks for caring.” He says. I smile and give him one more hug before going back to bed where Liam was.

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