Amelia Snape and the philosopher's stone

Severus Snape may of loved Lily Evans, but they were not together. Right?

Well... Sort of, what if one night in Hogwarts year seven at a graduation ball this changed? A child, Amelia Snape is that change.
After the death of James and Lily Potter, a tradgedy leaving Harry an orphan and Amelia... A half orphan?

She may come across as a little... Unique, but wouldn't you be if you were raised by Snape?


6. Hermione Granger.

The prediction I had made seemed to haunt me every waking moment and stalk me even in my dreams as well. Even school work and the prospect of the Halloween feast could not drive it from my mind.

"Live bats!" Screeched the first years as they walked through corridors at lunch, chattering about what thrills Dumbledore may have planned for them at the feast.

"A Zombie from France!" Yelled another as he pretended to read his Potions textbook when a teacher passed them in the courtyard. "I heard they had one last year!"

I simply rolled my eyes, returning to the book on "unraveling the mysteries of prophecies!" whilst Chris snickered beside me.

"First years... Anybody who was here knows it was Filch after too much Firewhiskey!" He shook his head at them. Looking up from my books for the first time that day, I raised my eyebrows and smirked at him, " That was you... Just because you decided to sneak some in and get absolutely sloshed till you were jumping on the common room tables yelling Norris darling!!!!! I lurve you!!!" Chris leaned back slightly, not even blushing.

"That was one great party." Was all he said dreamily, picking at a loose piece of thread from his jumper.

"You probably can not even remember half of it." I snap.

"Aren't we tetchy lately!"

Shuffling awkwardly on the large stone bench we were sat on, I turned a page in my book and simply sniffed.  It didn't matter anyway, he had already returned to his loose thread.

"I'm going inside." I muttered after several minutes of silence and no success in reading any further.  Gatheing up my things I walked back inside, feeling self conscious all the way there. Nobody knew of what I had seen, and I was perfectly content to keep it that way... Despite knowing that people were not really looking at me... It seemed every head tilted in my direction as I passed, although upon closer inspection I could see it was nothing more than a trick of the light and they were really bent over textbooks or chatting about Halloween with their friends.

The things was, this prophesy as Trewlaney referred to them was bugging me. Hanging over me constantly and causing me to lash out on even perfectly innocent people like Chris who did not know why I was feeling this way.  The book I had been reading was of no help either, full of facts for sure... But none of the sort I was looking for.

The only chance I  felt I could have of finding anything actually worthwhile to help me was if I could pay a visit to one of the shops in Diagon alley, or maybe visit some muggle places. They may be slow with some things, but as a muggle studies student, I knew that it was not always the case. Electricity was simply wonderful and how they ever came up with it without magic was a mystery even their Proffessor could not easily explain to them.

"OW!" Yelled a voice, looking down (I had inherited my fathers height after all) I saw a young girl with rather bushy brown hair.

"Sorry!" I said quickly, helping the girl to pick up her books which had spilled out of her arms as she collided.

"Its alright..." The girl murmured not meeting my eyes.

"Hey... Are you okay?" I ask, this girl looked familiar... The girl wiped her eyes quickly, and judging by the faint sniffing sound she had indeed been crying.

"Yeah... Just some silly boy... Ron." She said, taking her books back.

The pin dropped, this was somebody in Harry's year. I had seen him in corridors with her nearby, along with some ginger kid I heard was called Ron. He had a reputation for being rather... Mean among other things like a poor family and shabby robes with hand knitted sweaters.

"What's your name?" I asked, wanting to know more about anybody connected with my brother.

"Hermione." She said, "Hermione Granger."

"I'm Amelia. "

Hermione looked up at her, her eyes looking a little less teary now as she fixs me with her gaze.

"Are you Amelia Snape?" She asked timidly, fidgeting with the books in her arms. Sighing I nodded, looking away. Why was the fact Severus Snape actually got a woman (even if she was drunk) such a shock? Once you got past the hair, clothes and general ways... He was alright really.

"I thought so, you have the same nose." Great, the famous Snape hooked nose was noticeable. Still, I chanced a glance at Hermione as she did not sound too condescending about who my Dad was. Merely curious.

"Yeah... Anyway, are you alright now. What did this Ron do? I hear he has a bit of a harsh mouth when he wants." Then again, my source of info was Draco and his views of the Weasley family were not exactly loving anyway...

"I guess... It's just, this whole thing is a lot to learn... I'm muggleborn so it's all new and Ron is just a bit... He was a little mean earlier." Muggleborn. That explained the lack of judgement on her Father then. Also the nervous air she had around somebody wearing Slytherin robes like me.

"Well, if you need any help at all. Don't hesitate to ask. Not all of us Slytherins are quite so harsh as Gryffindors you know." I smiled, gathering my own books together in my arms again.

"Thank you." Hermione said, sounding genuine. After we exchanged goodbyes, she headed off for the bathrooms, whilst I headed to Dumbledore's office.

The benefits of being a daughter of staff is the trust that goes with it.

One of the things that entailed was the occasional permission to leave school grounds when possible.


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