Amelia Snape and the philosopher's stone

Severus Snape may of loved Lily Evans, but they were not together. Right?

Well... Sort of, what if one night in Hogwarts year seven at a graduation ball this changed? A child, Amelia Snape is that change.
After the death of James and Lily Potter, a tradgedy leaving Harry an orphan and Amelia... A half orphan?

She may come across as a little... Unique, but wouldn't you be if you were raised by Snape?


4. Harry Potter is sorted

First years, lots of them. Huddling together in a clump, looking like they would wish to be anywhere else right now. Each face looked sweaty and nervous, as though they were facing a huge monster. 
"Apparently the Weasel twins told them they have to wrestle a troll!" whispered Chris in my ear, I fought back a snort. Trust those two, only they could find a way to ensure fear and panic yet still keep a good brave image of their perfect Gryffindor selves clean. 
My eyes scanned the mass of first years, trying to search for who might be Harry. I could not tell from here though, Slytherins sat on the edge (fitting really) and the view ( despite trying to get a good seat) was still not the best one could hope for. There was a small boy, that might be him. Black hair, I could not see if there was a scar though, and then there was the glasses... I was not even sure Harry wore glasses, and had he not gone to live with some rich muggle relative? Surely Harry would not be wearing cellotaped and clearly broken glasses if that were the case? 
He was stood next to a boy with red hair and lots of freckles, he muttered something into the bespectacled boys ear as a girl with rather bushy hair walked forwards. I did not catch her name as I was busy watching for any sign of Harry, but I heard the hat call out "GRYFFINDOR!!!" after a pause. The girls seemed happy enough with that and practically skipped down to a large table where she was applauded and patted on the back. I never quite get Gryffindors... 

"SLYTHERIN!!!" called the hat next, and Draco swaggered down to our table. Sitting down confidently, as if he owned the place. I rolled my eyes to Chris, who knows Draco as well. Draco smirks at me, raising his eyes as if to say... "See?" 
That red headed boy was muttering again, glaring this way. No doubt informing whoever it was of some new dark rumour of Slytherins, and what they do. 
He certainly did not look so tough when McGonagall called his name out... 
"Ronald Weasley." Ah, Weasley. Explained the hair, he clearly did not possess his brothers charm wit or... Anything really. Oh well, I knew where he was going before the hat even called it out...
"GRYFFINDOR!!!" The hat roared, much to Ronalds relief it appeared. He let out a deep breath, then walked happily enough to the roaring table. His brothers, including that prefect in my year Percy, patted him on the back. Fred (or maybe George) leaned in closer, no doubt making some crack about considering disowning, judging by the poor boys face. 
The sorting seemed to be taking forever, I began making a list of the alphabet in my head. Trying to decipher when Potter would come up. But what of they had given him a new identity? Harry could be that blonde boy who was sat at Hufflepuff table... The shame of it...

"Harry Potter..." The hall instantly began muttering, a dull murmur of people whispering to their neighbours. Only I seemed to be silent. Chris raised an eyebrow at me, before turning to watch himself. The hat dithered for a while, as though unsure. I wished I could hear what it was whispering to Harry... My brother, this was him. He was the dark hair and glasses boy that I had seen earlier. My eyes raked over him, taking in every detail. I wanted to run up to him, announce who I was. How we were related. I glanced up at Dad, he was watching Harry intently. A muscle twitching in his jaw. I turned to watch Harry again, what was that hat saying!? It must be unsure of what to say... Where to put him. I hope its Slytherin. Were not all bad here, it would give us a right edge to have Harry Potter on our side. Totally banish the whole "evil death eater house" concept and show not everybody is. 
Its not likely he will be though... As long as it is not Hufflepuff, I do not really care. Ravenclaw would not be too bad, Gryffindor or Slytherin are top two though. My hands are shaking far worse than what Harry appears to be.
"GRYFFINDOR!!!" calls out the hat at last. I let out a cry of "YES!" Then duck my head,luckily... With the noise coming from Gryffindor, nobody even looks at me. Draco is smirking whilst shaking his head, Pansy is doing likewise (she would jump off a cliff if Draco did) and the Weasley twins are shouting,  "WE GOT POTTER!" Over and over again. I catch Dads eye, and he nods briefly... Im not sure what he means until...
This is good for us.
Like the thought was not even mine. I raise an eyebrow, then turn away.  Nobody noticed our silent exchange, for which im glad. 
"So this is Harry..." mutters Chris. I nod.
"Yup. That is Harry."

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