Amelia Snape and the philosopher's stone

Severus Snape may of loved Lily Evans, but they were not together. Right?

Well... Sort of, what if one night in Hogwarts year seven at a graduation ball this changed? A child, Amelia Snape is that change.
After the death of James and Lily Potter, a tradgedy leaving Harry an orphan and Amelia... A half orphan?

She may come across as a little... Unique, but wouldn't you be if you were raised by Snape?


2. Due to start Hogwarts

"Sleep well?" my dad asked as I came into the kitchen, he was seated in his usual spot with a cup of tea and piece of toast in front of him. (His usual breakfast) He had not even looked away from the newspaper he was currently poring over. I could not read the headlines, but it does not mean it was anything important if he is reading it. He reads papers all the time, at breakfast, occasionally throughout the day and then the evening prophet can be counted on as well. 
"Alright." I reply as I pour myself a drink from the pot, sitting down when done. In my usual spot, we don't break routine here. Dad makes no noise to acknowledge my response as I sit, but im used to that. This is also all routine. "Anything interesting going on?" I ask, now helping myself to a piece of toast. You don't exactly get served with my Dad. I was five when I moved in full time here. I can not remember him ever being particularly fatherly at all really, but I suppose he must of done stuff for me when I was a baby. 
"Funny you should ask." he says, finally passing the paper to me ( this is another routine) I reach across and take it from his hands.  

"Already? Wow... Time flies I guess" I muttered, flicking to the page. My brother starting school already. Makes me feel old, and im only a fifth year... Not too old really. 
"Yes, he will be in Draco's year." My Dad said as he stood up. I snorted into my tea.
"Draco will love that!"  All Draco ever talked about was how he could take on Harry Potter Anytime. His Dad always beamed proudly when he said that, then again Lucius would love to have it said his son beat the Harry Potter in some test or Quidditch match. His pride would be the death of him, even Dad says so. Dad raised am eyebrow at my comment, but made no further comment. 
"I hope your things are all ready... We will be leaving shortly after dinner. " I nodded. Every year we leave for Hogwarts a few days before the other students will arrive, as a teacher he is re to. By law im not allowed to be left alone, so I have to come as well.  Why he bothers asking I  have no idea. I am always ready, we have been doing it for so long now. It would be like forgetting to breathe. Deciding I might as well go out somewhere else, I get up and stretch. 
"Going somewhere?" he asks me, overprotective as usual. I nod, summoning my coat as I do so with another casual flick. Performing advanced magic was never any trouble for me. I have Severus Snape as my Dad, its a gift. "Where?" I roll my eyes with the cover of my hair so he does not see. 
"Malfoy manor, see if Draco wants to go Diagon alley maybe. Might just go see Narcissa as well." Me and Narcissa always got on well, she was like a mother to me. The Malfoys were one of the few who knew the actual truth about my mum. I was all but adopted by them. Lucius and his pureblood ideas annoyed us a little sometimes, but most of it is a mask. Facade even. Im not saying he is a muggle lover, quite the contrary... Just in private, he is slightly (slightly) more accepting. At least he does not hate me for who I am. Then again, half bloods never seem to bother people as much as an all out Muggleborn. Or as we are typically supposed to refer to them as in Slytherin... "Mudbloods" 
My Dad nods his consent, not saying anything else. To anybody who did not know him... He may seem as though he does not care about me, but he does. Just not good at showing it. Whenever im ill, hurt or in danger (however small) you see a different side to him though. 
I can apparate already, but as im not of age yet... I am forced to take the floo, luckily we bought some powder the other day. Sending a paper airplane in front of me, saying I am coming over, I step into the grate, bracing myself for the spinning as I shout out "MALFOY MANOR!"  
"Nice of you to drop in!" Grins Draco as I collapse onto a chair next to him in the library. Traveling via floo always tires me out. I smile briefly in acknowledgement of his greeting, then peer down at his book. 
"Not like you to be studying for anything squirt." I say half in shock at the sight of his large leather bound book called "Defence against the dark arts for beginners." Smirking, he reveals the Quidditch comic he is actually reading. Rolling my eyes, I shake my head. "Makes more sense I guess!" Im not sure Lucius would appreciate my encouraging him, but I can't help but giggle. 
"Don't tell Mum, she thinks im studying." He says, trademark smirk still in place. He has head that smirk always, even as a baby. 
"Fancy going out? Im sure I can persuade your mum..." I say after a moment or to. He nods eagerly at my suggestion, standing at once. 
"Yeah! She gives anything to you!" 
I roll my eyes again. Malfoys have the smirk, Snapes have the eye rolls and sarcasm. 
Once we get the all clear from his mum, who makes him promise to study extra later, we floo over to the Leaky Cauldron. At least the Malfoys have an upgrade fireplace, so you do not spin so much, making it less painful to travel by. As we arrive Tom smiles at us, and we nod at him. He likes to feel he maintains a bond with the Malfoys and Snapes. He knows who pays his money, ones with lots of it themselves. 
As we step outside and tap the specific brick with my wand, Draco begins quizzing me about school. With it being his first year, he is nervous I understand that... But im so sick of the questions (it has been the conversation for the past month or so) I can't stand to even think of answering them.
"Can we get an ice cream? And go look at brooms?"  Draco never says please, that is as close as you will get to polite with him. Still, he is not too bad really. 
"Sure squirt." I agree, fancying an ice cream myself. He wrinkles his nose at the nickname I give him. Its been that for as long as I can remember, Draco has always been smaller than me so naturally the name stuck. 
"Your not going to call me that in school right?" I shrug, pretending to examine a stall selling some kind of potion you spread in your house to ward off Bundimuns. *
"I don't know... It might slip out..." I drawl, picking up a pot to peer at the label closer. 
"You wouldn't..." Says Draco, a look of horror on his face. "If Crabbe or Goyle... Or no, Blaise! You won't!" I laugh at his flustered expression, replacing the pot of thick green potion (to the crushed looking face of the salesman, who perhaps though I was interested.) 
"Of course not, come on squirt!" I start to drag him away. 
The salesman glares at us from behind his stall. "Don't look at me like that!" I warn him, "I could use a basic scouring charm to get rid of them! I don't need extra slime around the house." 
"You have slime already?" Asks Draco keenly, rolling my eyes as he laughs, I pull him into the Quidditch shop first.

I wonder if Draco has seen the paper reporting Harry...

"You know... Harry Potter is going to be in your year you know." I try casually as we approach the new model of the Nimbus 2000. He nods, not taking his eyes off the latest seeker robes for Slytherins. 

"Yeah, I saw it in the prophet this morning... " He mutters, sounding as though he is taking an oath he continues, " I can take him on, bet I beat him in every Quidditch game." Shaking my head, I turn to look at the broom also. 

"Well, if you get on the team... Squirt!" 



*If anybody does not know, a Bundimun is a pest. When resting it resembles a patch of greenish fungus with eyes, when it is alarmed however... It scuttles away on its numerous legs, which are in fact spindly.  They feed on dirt, and for this reason tend to reside under floorboards and behind skirting boards. (They are very skilled at creeping under and behind things.) 
They infest houses, the first sign of this is a foul stench of decay. This comes from the secretion they ooze which rots away the very foundations of a dwelling. 
Scouring charms will rid a house of them (as Amelia points out to the irritable salesman trying to con people) but if they grow too large, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (Pest Sub-Division) should be contacted, lest the house collapses. 
They do have some uses though... Diluted Bundimun secretion is used in some magical cleaning fluids. 
This  information can be found on page 10 of an A to Z of fantastic beasts. From the book: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. By Newt Scamander. 
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