Amelia Snape and the philosopher's stone

Severus Snape may of loved Lily Evans, but they were not together. Right?

Well... Sort of, what if one night in Hogwarts year seven at a graduation ball this changed? A child, Amelia Snape is that change.
After the death of James and Lily Potter, a tradgedy leaving Harry an orphan and Amelia... A half orphan?

She may come across as a little... Unique, but wouldn't you be if you were raised by Snape?


3. Before the others arrive

"Can we not apparate instead?" I mutter, as I pick myself up off the dusty floor of the night bus again. I can hear several others upstairs doing the same thing, mutterings floated down intermingled with curses. 
"Because you are not of age." snaps Dad, but I can see the smirk on his face. He loves the fact his only daughter could apparate, if she was legally allowed, since she was fourteen. I raise my eyebrows, a silent message... Did not stop you teaching me. 
His response is to silently turn away, corners of his lips still twitching. 
When we finally arrive, just outside the gates of Hogwarts with its two winged boars, I practically sprint off the bus. Made easier by the feather light charm I had thought to place on my trunk before leaving the house. 
The gates open at my Dads touch, I could of done it whilst I was waiting, but I couldn't be bothered. As I spend more time here than other students, im able to lock/unlock the gates etc. The privileges I receive truly are shocking. 
"Have we missed tea?" I ask as we make our way up to a carriage drawn by a pair of Thestrals. Sent down from the school for us to use. Climbing inside, he nods.
"Yes, I am not hungry so will take the bags to my room" he sits back on the black leather chair inside, his case at his feet. " You may go to the Kitchen should you wish for something to eat." 
I nod, clambering in awkwardly myself. 
"Yeah. Do you want me to tell them to send something up later?" I am on quite good terms with the house elfs, they seem to think I require fattening up, and would not refuse me anything. 
"No. " Dad says quickly, I have business to attend to in my office." and then he is silent until we reach the large doors, and he bids me goodnight. Saying, "Do not disturb me later. I will be very busy." I nod glumly, "I shall see you at breakfast."   Again I nod, then hurry to the kitchen. 
Knowing already what I must do, when I reach a certain portrait, I stretch out an index finger and tickle the pear. The portrait squirms, giggling until it eventually reveals the entrance to the kitchen. 
Im immediately engulfed in the steamy kitchen full of bubbling pans and knives chopping vegetables themselves. In a far corner, a large metal sink full of bubbles is clinking as invisible hands wash a set of pots. When one lot is done, a small elf walks over and picks up a stack, tottering away with plates bigger than them.
" Miss Snape!" squeaks a nearby elf from near the entrance, looks like Bertie. He is carrying a large cheese into what looks to be a pantry. 
"Pardon us Miss, we did not know you were arriving tonight.!" he pleads, casting the cheese aside at once and leading me to a scrubbed wooden table and chairs on one side of the room. 
"Don't worry Bertie, im only a little hungry. Besides, Dad does not want anything. So its only me tonight." I explain hurriedly, taking the chair he draws out for me with another bow. 
"Anything in particular you fancy Miss?" asks another elf, Spencer if im not mistaken. I shrug, I never like to make a fuss if it can be helped. 
"Just anything you have left over, I do not really mind." They nod eagerly, scurrying off to go and rustle up some food. Returning almost at once with a tray so big, it takes both of them to balance it and bring it over. 
"Wow, Thankyou... You really did not have to do this though. Just a sandwhich would of been fine." Bertie insists it was nothing, and then they apologize before once more scurrying off to help clearing away, leaving me to eat the small feast they have prepared for me. 
A steaming bowl of vegetable soup and a plate of soft buttered rolls (still warm and smelling fresh). A slice of treacle tart, my Mum used to love this apparently... And then a tall goblet full of pumpkin juice. I gulp that down first, smiling as it refills itself again, then turn to my soup. 
Dad is not much of a cook, and ao im mainly responsible for any meals at home. Im not bad at cooking, but it is nice to come school and get meals prepared for me. Of a far better standard as well! 
"Do you need anything else Miss?" Spencer asks me nervously as he takes my tray away. I shake my head. 
"No thankyou Spencer. Everything was superb as usual!" I lean down and peck him on the cheek, to which he blushes deeply. 
I say goodbye to the others, Spencer smiles at me as I leave. Knowing he was the only one to receive a kiss, I wink back and then exit the room. 
We always time it right, so im not alone for too long... But so Dad still has enough time to set up his things and get his classroom stocked and ready. 
Still, I enjoy having the castle virtually to myself. The teachers are always busy preparing for the coming year, so the library etc is all to myself. 
At lunchtimes, I get to eat in the staff room with all the teachers, where they smile and include me in conversation. Professor Trewlaney does not often join us in the room. It clouds her inner eye, which I can relate to. So on some days I sit and do crystal gazing with her, or maybe do some readings of each other. 
"Yes my dear..." She said in her most ethereal tones the other day, "I can see it in you. One of the most talented seers to come." I pretended to act all excited about it, accepting her offer of private tuition, but inside I knew my skills as a seer were more mediocre. She appreciated the company though, amd as a result confided in me. She is currently asking Professor Dumbledore if she might have a few of Fawkes entrails. It was an advanced branch of divination, but she felt I was ready. 
All in all, I sometimes wish that it could be like this always. Just me here, everything is just... Easier when you do not have to factor in other students.
But the time was already here, thousands of students were pouring up the steps to the doors. The Thestrals pawing at the ground whilst they waited for the students to leave there carriages, before trotting away at a brisk pace. 
"Why hello there Miss." says a voice to me. I smile, recognising it, amd turn around to face my best friend. Chris Hocking. Fellow Slytherin, best friend and the only one (well besides squirt and Pansy, my practically adopted sister.) who knows im Harry Potter sister. Daughter of Lily Potter and Severus Snape. 
The rumour amongst other houses is that Snape favours Slytherin as it is his own house. Reality is, only me, and my friends are the ones liked (if you can go that far) by Professor Snape. And that is only because we are often together in the holidays. Like a family really... 
"Hey Chris. Good summer?" I ask him, he shrugs. His mother is Stephanie Hocking, famous for her addiction to muggle substances. His summers are usually a collection of muggle police and aurors intermingled and trying to come up with a solution to her problems. Aurors think that a witch who is not of her own mind could become a liability. Therefore they think she is a threat to the peace of the wizarding world.
"It was alright, yours?" I shrug also. He nods, understanding what I mean at once. "Isn't your brother starting this year?" With Chris mums situation, he practically lives under a rock in the holidays. The fact even he knows this, proves it is BIG news worldwide. 
"Yeah. Come on, lets get a seat. I want to get a good view of the sorting tonight." I tell him as we make our way to the Slytherin house tables.

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