Amelia Snape and the philosopher's stone

Severus Snape may of loved Lily Evans, but they were not together. Right?

Well... Sort of, what if one night in Hogwarts year seven at a graduation ball this changed? A child, Amelia Snape is that change.
After the death of James and Lily Potter, a tradgedy leaving Harry an orphan and Amelia... A half orphan?

She may come across as a little... Unique, but wouldn't you be if you were raised by Snape?


7. A troll!?

"What do you mean a troll?" I demanded. My Dad, Severus, merely rolled his eyes and picked up the daily prophet again. He flicked through until he found the page he had desired, not even acknowledging his daughters outburst.

 "Exactly what I said." is all he says from behind the paper. It was the next morning, I had just got up and come down for breakfast with Dad. (As was Severus tradition on a weekend to eat in his own chambers.)

"You can't just drop something like that over breakfast and expect me not to over react." I muttered, a little embarrassed over my outburst in comparison with the usual cool manner Dad had maintained.

"If you were not sneaking out at nights, you would have known for yourself." He replied in an off hand tone, as though it was really of little matter to him whether I left the Castle or not.

"I wasn't sneaking. Dumbledore gave me permission."

"Yes, I do not remember my permission being obtained." he said next, peering around the edge of the paper.

"Well... I knew you were busy with your First years." I muttered, throwing my piece of toast down and standing.

"Leaving?" Dad asked, returning to the paper again.

"Yeah. Need to see Chris." I turned to leave, then back again slowly as a thought struck me.  "Dad... A troll could not get in on it's own." I said quietly, watching him carefully. He set down his paper, revealing a picture of the troll laying knocked out on a bathroom floor. Presumably the one from last night judging by a quivering Quirell next to it.  TROLL IN HOGWARTS- are our children really safe? No doubt Rita Skeeter wrote it. She enjoyed cooking up a good story.

"Hmmm." He said, watching her carefully, with a look of... Pride. "Exactly." he said firmly, as though he felt the same and had been trying to prove it.  "Somebody must of let it in... Perhaps..."  My mind reeled, maybe this was something to do with her prophecy...

"Do you know who it was?" I asked eagerly, walking back over to him.  He took a great time in answering, and when he did it was the same as last time.

"Perhaps." Disappointed, I said goodbye and left.


"Hey Hermione!" I said gruffly as I spotted her in the library reading a large book on switching spells.  It was later on that day, and I had gone back to the library when Chris said he was busy that night. His blush hinted something he was not letting on, but at this current moment, this fact seemed unimportant to me, so I left it alone.

"Hey Amelia!" She said happily, closing her book and standing.

"You seem happier." I noted, taking in the large smile on her face and the hint of pale pink lip gloss giving off a shine on her lips.

"Yeah... You didn't hear?" Hermione said, dropping her voice as she went on.

"No..."  Glancing around, Hermione leaned in  closet to her.

"That toll last night, it found me in the bathroom." She said, eyes large and the fear in her eyes proving how much of an experience it was.

"Are you alright then!?" I demanded, looking at her closer now. She nodded happily, waving a hand at my worries.

"Yeah... I got some help. Harry and..." here she blushed, "Ron  turned up. I would of died without them."  Shock flitted across my face before I could stop it.  "I know!" Hermione said, as though she could not believe it either. "They are nicer now... They helped with these books I dropped earlier." the blush on Hermione's face announce clear as ever that one of them had helped her in particular.  Not wanting to pry again though, I contented myself with smiling and said how pleased I was.  It was not till later I realised I could well be speaking to her future sister in law... But no... Something told her that was not right. Not that Hermione was not a nice person, but that she was not right for him.  I shrugged to myself, half wanting to do the compatibility test Trewlaney was telling us about currently in Divination, but also thinking how much I would hate it if somebody did that to me...

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