The Creeper

This poem is about a vine on an old building which teaches a man a servere lesson for being a selfish person.


1. The Creeper

Three stories soaring high

Rusted blue shutters glued dry

Tired panes tell a story

Not a trace of true glory


Abandoned, stood on its own

Protecting itself against winds blown

Ancient age and deserted

Foul rot and decay asserted


A lonely looking bellowing tower

Yet it still held a mystical power

Everyday he would pass

As the ivy web grew in its mass


Spiralling and stretching all corners and cracks

No empty space of its vines would it lack

But for every selfish deed the man acted

The faster the rapid growth of the vine reacted


For he was overly self endured to see

The vicious creeper would make him pay his fee

For every crime that he did commit

The swell more twisted like a seizure, like a fit


Each time he did pass by

The hands of the ivy would reach out to cry

It’s fingers would grasp but he was too ignorant

Taking advantage of his inadequate vigilance


His greed and spite multiplying persistence

The accelerating vine meeting the consistence

The fateful day soon came by

When the man would become entwined in tie


Folks would come and see the bizarre nature

Of the puzzling vine that held a petrified picture

A true replica from head to heel

But what they didn’t know was that the man was actually real

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