1. Ignorance (song)


When I see you in the morning

It’s like nothing ever happened

Stop trying to compromise my sorrows

You have no idea


Your guilt I can’t imagine

So why d’you try to hide it?

Keep calm and carry on

You don’t want to face it


Your cold blank eyes

You keep on walking

Turn your back

Away from me

You want to hear but keep on talking

You know deep down but can’t you see…


Your Ignorance

It’s Dangerous

You smile but you don’t really know

I’m chasing you

It’s killing me

Oh, but you don’t really care


You can blank but it won’t erase this feeling

Yet you still smile in my face

What a wonderful disgrace…

Your Ignorance (your ignorance)


I wonder what it going on

Inside your head

I can see the cogs are turning

You want to give in

But you force it away

You don’t to own up

All the wrong you have done

You don’t need to ignore

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