The Unforgettable Summer

Lauren Marie-Fawcett is a normal 19 year old who works in a modern style café just on the side of the Adriana beach. Her friends Annelise, Izabella and Kisten and her go for a walk on the pier, and accidently bump into cute famous boys called One Direction. When they all start bonding more, what will happen between them, Love, Friendship or Unfair War?


6. Waking Up

~Laurens POV~

Oww...What the heck...My head hurts! I opened my eyes slowly to find Niall, Izabella, Kisten and Annelises face literally in front of my face. "Shes awake! Thank gosh!" Niall moved a strand of my hair away from my face. "I thought you died baby. Are you ok?" Niall asked. His eyes were red.

I immediatley remembered what happened before.

I kissed Harry.

Something I wish never happened.

A tear ran down my face. Niall wiped it away with his thumb. "Why are you crying? Dont cry. I'm here for you." I loved him so much. I feel like everything I have dreamed of is happening right before my heart can beat to the normal speed. When I am with him, I feel safe.

"I know you are Ni, and I love you. I am sorry for what happened and I know you saw." He evily glanced at Harry and then back at me. "Its ok. I guess I'll forget it. I know that it happened so fast," Niall said and sat next to the hospital bed. I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. "Lauren, I am so glad that you are awake! You have been in here for a week! We missed you so much!" Izabella shouted.

What the f....I have been here for a week? What!?!?

"Why have I been here for a week? What happened?" I asked Izzy. She sighed and sat next to me. Annelise and Kisten joined and sat at the end of the hospital bed. "Well...You kind of went looking for Niall and you got hit by a car. Heres the twist...It wasnt your fault because you were on a pedestrian walk and the guy was supposed to stop for you. Plus, he was a murderer and he was found at the scene."

When Izabella said those words, I remembered getting hit by the car. The only thing I saw was darkness. I was looking for Niall after I said to Harry that I regretted the kiss. I looked over at Harry and all he did was look at his hands on his lap. I felt so bad. I wish none of this happened. I broke Harrys heart, and Nialls inside.

I heard beeping from the monitor connected to my arm and the next thing I knew, I couldn't see anything..

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