The Unforgettable Summer

Lauren Marie-Fawcett is a normal 19 year old who works in a modern style café just on the side of the Adriana beach. Her friends Annelise, Izabella and Kisten and her go for a walk on the pier, and accidently bump into cute famous boys called One Direction. When they all start bonding more, what will happen between them, Love, Friendship or Unfair War?


4. Those Boys Again...

We walked out of the front door and headed towards the beach by foot, since it was 2 streets ahead. "Anyone got sunscreen? I don't wanna get sunburnt," Annelise said. "Yea, I do but I thought that you wanted to get a tan on the sand?" Kisten replied. Annelise was already tan, and I seriously mean tan. "Yea, but I dont want one anymore, I am too tan anyway." Annelise looked at her arms while still heading to the beach with us. "You can say that again..." Izabella said, while giggling. We all started laughing. We crossed the last street to get to the beach. "Yay! Were here now! We can party on the beach bro's!" Izabella shouted. "C'mon girls, let's go get changed and have fun!" Kisten said. We all jumped up and down and ran down the sandy slope to the ocean. I chose a nice spot, not too close to the ocean, but a place with a great view. "Im gonna get changed now," Kisten said. "Yea, me too," Annelise replied. Izabella and I did the same. Sooner then you would have expected, we were in our bikini's. Izabella was wearing a rainbow bikini, Kisten was wearing a blue bikini and Annelise was wearing a peach bikini. We all had the same great sense of style, that's what I love about these girls. I began to put all of my clothes in Annelises beach bag, since I didn't bring a bag. I put my pumps right next to where the girls put there shoes. I then tied my hair up in a messy bun. Ok....Time to get funky! "You ready girls?" I asked. "Yep, let's go!". The girls all ran, while I walked. I watched the girls run into the water and scream with joy. They started to splash each other and swim. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I quickly turned to see who it was. It was that blonde boy and his mates. Oh no! There here! This s a nightmare, I hope I look okay! "Hi babe. You remember me?" The blonde asked me. I don't know why, but I blushed when he said that. I looked at his mates behind him and they were staring at my body. Great, all I need is pervers. "Yea...I do. What are you boys doing here?" I asked. "Were here because this Irish leprechaun saw you and wanted to talk to you," A curly haired boy said. I blushed again. Great, don't smile and don't blush. All of his mates started laughing. Poor blonde, he was blushing of shyness and he was embarrassed. That's so cute! "Umm...Well...Can me and the boys join you fine girls?" The blonde asked. "Err....Sure. By the way, what are your names?" I asked while slowly walking to the girls with the boys. The girls don't even notice that the boys are here. There just having so much fun! "Oh, well, my name is Niall and this curly boy is Harry. The oldest one is Louis, the modest one is Liam and this is Zayn with his quiff," The blonde replied. His names Niall? Ok...And those boys sound familiar. "Were also in a band called One Direction," Zayn said. Oh that's right! One Direction! They are different then I expected. I also then told them all of the girls and my name in the process. "Oh, and that's so cool, I love your music by the way," I said to the boys. "Thanks," They all replied. They all, except for Niall, ran into the ocean to say hi to the girls. Niall stood next to me as I was watching the boys say hello. "So...How old are you?" Niall asked. "Oh, I'm nineteen, you?". "Oh, I'm nineteen as well," Niall replied. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "You wanna go for a swim?" Niall asked. "Yea sure, let's go!" I responded. He took out his hand and I gently grabbed it. His hand was as soft as last time. We smiled at each other one last time and we both ran into the ocean. We ruined a moment between Liam and Izabella. Water splashed into Liams and Izabellas face. They groaned and Niall and I laughed. Suddenly, Liam and Izabella started splashing us big time, and that's when it all started becoming a big water fight. Zayn and Kisten joined in, Annelise and Louis joined in and Harry joined in alone. I felt a bit sad for him really, he looked a bit alone. We all started splashing each other and all we could do is scream and laugh. 20 minutes later after the water fight, it got a little bit dark for swimming so we all hopped out of the water. All of the boys went to where they camped and grabbed there towels so they could sit next to us. Zayn dropped his towel next to Kisten and sat next to her. Liam sat next to Izabella and shared a towel between them and Louis and Annelise cuddled together in a towel and shared a few kisses. Niall then came to sit next to me with his towel wrapped around them. "Hey Amanda," Niall said as he shivered a bit. "Hi Niall," I replied. I looked around and saw Harry all alone with his towel wrapped around him still over at where the boys recently camped. I felt really bad for him that there wasn't another girl around here. I looked back at Niall and he smiled, "Nial, I'm gonna go sit next to Harry and keep him company ok?" I said. Nialls smile dropped. "Oh,ok...Talk to you later then." His smile didn't come back. I gave him a small hug and he gave me a small smile. I then walked over to where Harry was and sat next to him. "Hey Harry," I said while sitting next to him. "Hey Amanda," He said while staring in my eyes. "Why aren't you over with us?" I asked. "Because you guys are having fun, and shouldn't you be sitting next to Niall?" He asked sounding annoyed. "Well...I'm not in love with him you know and I wanna sit here next to you." He looked back up at me and smiled. "I thought you liked Niall..." Harry said sadly. Why would he think that. "No, not yet anyway. He's cute and stuff but...Na." I kinda do like Niall though...I don't even know anymore though! "Ok then. Are you ticklish?" Harry asked. "Yes...Kind of," I replied. "Ok then." Suddenly, he started tickling me and I fell on my back. I couldn't help but laugh. "H-Harry stop it! Y-your making me laugh too much!" But he wouldn't stop. I then had a plan, to tickle him back. I quickly rolled on top of him and tickled him. He laughed so loudly and I couldn't help but laugh because he was laughing. He then tickled me again and rolled on top of me. I started to crack up laughing. "Harry stop!" I said while still laughing, and then he stopped with a grin. He was still on top of me. I looked into his eyes then I looked at his smile. He was actually really gorgeous. I then looked at his abbs. I then touched his abbs with my hand and I looked at him. He smiled and came closer to my face. He was going to kiss me, oh no! Should I kiss him back? His face came closer but slowly, so then I put my hands around the back of his neck and pulled him closer. His lips touched mine. He then passionately kissed me, and I kissed him back. It felt so good, but then kinda wrong. I still kissed him though. His lips were soft, his kiss was calming, but I kinda didn't feel something between us. We then stopped kissing, and he looked into my eyes. I smiled and I touched his curls on his hair. I giggled and he smiled back. He then rolled off me and looked into the sky. With his hand, he grabbed mine and said, "I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and I suddenly thought about it. What was I doing! I even know this but Niall likes me and I think I actually like him! I need to make up my mind! I got up and said, "Im sorry Harry. That kiss was lovely but I think that I'm making a mistake." I grabbed my towel and walked away to the girls. Annelise was kissing Louis, Zayn was kissing Kisten and Liam was kissing Izabella. I started to cry. "Wait Amanda, how was it wrong!?" Harry shouted while following me. "It just wasn't right Harry, and I am sorry to say this but I don't love you." A tear escaped from my left eye. "Then...Who do you love?" Harry asked, while sobbing. I tried not to cry and look at him. "I think I love Niall...But I don't even truely know yet." "So you do love him! What was that kiss for then?". "That was a mistake and I wasn't saying that it was bad. I just don't feel chemistry." He stopped following me and I didn't here anything but me walking on the sand. I arrived t where the girls and a few of the Boyd were. I just realised that Niall wasn't there! Oh no, where did he go!? I started to worry and look around for him on the beach. I then forgot about the girls and went on the road looking for Niall. I then saw a flashing light coming at me fast. I was then knocked out and all I could see was darkness...
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