The Unforgettable Summer

Lauren Marie-Fawcett is a normal 19 year old who works in a modern style café just on the side of the Adriana beach. Her friends Annelise, Izabella and Kisten and her go for a walk on the pier, and accidently bump into cute famous boys called One Direction. When they all start bonding more, what will happen between them, Love, Friendship or Unfair War?


1. The One Year Renovation

I power-walked to the kitchen counter to put all the dirty plates and cutlery on it. I dropped them on there fast but gently. I quickly wiped my head with my small handkerchief as I was breathing heavily. "This café with all the people gets so stuffy and hot" I thought to myself. "Get your bottom to work Miss Fawcett. There is no time to stand around!" Shouted my boss, Candice, as she snatched the handkerchief out of my sweaty hand. Lady, that was $4! "Sorry Candice. I'll get back to it," I said while looking at her overdone-wrinked face. "You better you lazy snot." I walked off to the tables filled with plates. "I know your a snot," I whispered to myself. I grabbed all the plates. As I was doing so, I heard the automatic bell on the door ring. Ughh, more customers...Helps so much. I quickly glanced to see who it was. It was Annelise, Izabella and Kisten. Yay! I also take that back, sometimes random customers are great depending on who they are. I smiled and walked over to them and they waved. I shot them a quick wave and they smiled. I gave them each a hug and a bff kiss on the cheeks. "Oh yay! You girls are here! What's up?" I said happily. "Oh...well it got boring so we decided to go visit you during work," Izabella said while taking off her black sunglasses. "That's great. You girls wanna sit and have a coffee?" I asked. "Yea sure" They harmonised. They giggled and walked over to a 4 seater table next to the view of the ocean. "I'll be back girls!". They just nodded and started chatting away. I love my friends...There so kind and great to have a chat to. I wrote down '3 small coffees' on my notepad to give to whoever is at the cashier right now. I dashed over. 5 minutes later, 3 coffees arrived on a circular white tray. I took the tray and put it on my arm, waitress style. I went to the girls, "Hey, here's your coffees." I gave them each a coffee on the table. "Thanks Laurie. Oh, and when do you get a day off next? We need to hang out much more..." Kisten asked me while sipping her warm coffee. "Erm...I don't know. Let me go check with my annoying boss," I pouted but in a funny matter to the girls. "Oh, you mean Candice? Man, she's a hobo," Izabella quickly added. Just then I heard high heels clacking on the glossy tiles. "Who's a hobo?" Someone asked. I turned my head ever so quickly to see who it was. Oh no, Candice. I hope she didn't hear her name! "Someone I saw on the street while walking here," Izabella said with her eyes wide looking at each of the girls slowly. "Oh ok. Well...Lauren, this café is being demolished tomorrow and being built into a 2 story café. Thats what the customers want because there isn't enough seating. It will take a year unfortunately," Candice said while fixing her hair and keeping her eye on me and the girls. "OH WHAT! Then...What can I do to get money and can I still work here next year even?" I yelled with hand movements. "No, sorry. I can only take a few workers next year and your not one of them. Sorry, Lauren. Nice working with you." Candice then walked off casually and fake-coughed. "Damn it. All because she hates me. What the hell do I do now to get money? Not that I need any but...". Oh and yes, I do have a rich family. My lovely British father, Kenny, works in the Army and my lovely mother, Ally, works in the Business Career. Great Job compared to me right? "Oh man, that sucks! I feel so bad. Oh, and instead of staying in that 'Grand Apartment', why don't you come stay with us in the beach house I recently bought?" Kisten said happily. A beach house? Me leaving the Apartment? Erm...Well, there my best friends so...Okay! I hope this will be fun... "Of course, I would love to!". I jumped up and down with joy. The girls screamed with joy and ran up to me to give a big group hug. We all giggled at the same time. This is gonna be a great summer....Well....It better be.
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