The Unforgettable Summer

Lauren Marie-Fawcett is a normal 19 year old who works in a modern style café just on the side of the Adriana beach. Her friends Annelise, Izabella and Kisten and her go for a walk on the pier, and accidently bump into cute famous boys called One Direction. When they all start bonding more, what will happen between them, Love, Friendship or Unfair War?


3. Settling In And Getting Ready

20 minutes later, Annelise and I arrived at the beach house on View Street. Oh my gosh, it looked amazing! The beautiful rose bushes were covered in the front on the metal gates, the beautiful brick pathways heading towards to front door and the lovely pond in the front had small fishes in it and small flower petals in them. This is seriously going to be amazing! "Like the house? Kistens mum got it for her when she turned 18," Annelise said while turning the car off. "Its absolutely beautiful! I knew that her parents were rich." We both laughed for no reason. Annelise and I both quickly hopped out of the car. Annelise chucked the keys for the car at me and it nearly hit my face, close call. "Oops sorry Laurie!" Annelise said while putting her hands on her mouth. "I'm fine, but I nearly lost an eye," I replied while laughing. She laughed as well. She opened the beach gate and went to go knock on the door. I could hear 'Diamonds' by Rihanna on from over here! I walked to the boot (Trunk or whatever you call the back of your car). I grabbed both of my suitcases and my bag. I locked my car with my keys and walked over to the front door where Annelise is. "Did you knock?" I asked Annelise. "No, I was waiting for you, haha," Annelise said. "You serious, we could be walking in the house right now." Annelise giggled and I raised my eyebrow. I put my suitcase on the brick pathway for a moment and knocked on the door. I then heard the door unlocking. It was Kisten! "Hi! Your finally here, yay!" Shouted Kisten. "Yea. We were here technically 5 minutes ago." I glanced at Annelise. "Oh right, well...Come in!". Annelise and I walked in. This was lovely, simpler then I thought it would be. "Nice!" I yelled. "Where's my room?" I asked Kisten. I quickly looked behind her and Annelise and Izabella were partying like there was no tomorrow. Haha, horrible Dancers just like me... "Oh, just go upstairs and you will know where your room is straight away!". Kisten then went off to dance with the girls. I took my heavy suitcases and went upstairs. Oh come on, nearly there! 3 more steps left! 1...2..3! Finally! Why can't the girls help me. I wiped my head with my hand. I looked around the hallway and all the doors had names on them. I saw my name on one of the doors, so it must of been my room. I walked over to the door with my name on it and I opened it. Smells fresh, still simple. The bed had orange covers and there were 2 side tables that had orange lamps on them. There was a massive window and it was open, so the beautiful sun could shine in the room. There was also a door to a bathroom which had what you needed, and a wardrobe. I began to unpack my bags. I put all my clothes on the wooden hangers provided in the wardrobe. I put all of my shoes (There are a lot) in a nice row just underneath the window. I then went through my bag to get my make-up bag. Aha, found it! I walked over to the bathroom and began unpacking my make-up bag. All of my make-up went in a draw under the counter with the sink, my moisturizer goes on a rack in the shower/bath and my girly things went on the bottom draw. Finally finished! I went back into my room the zip up my suitcases. I took them and put them in an empty corner. I looked at my gold watch on my wrist, it was 5.30pm. Wow, that took me 30 minutes to unload and sort everything out. Better go see what the girls are doing now. I walked out of the hallway and down the stairs. "Yay, Laurie your finished! Go and get your bikini on, were gonna go to the beach soon. Wear something over it as well by the way," Izabella said while doing weird dance moves with Annelise and Kisten. "Umm...Ok. So soon?" I asked. "Yes, so soon. Go on. We'll wait for you again." I nodded and went upstairs. I ran to my wardrobe and grabbed a plain white strapless bikini. I quickly put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. Ok, next is something on top! I grabbed a strapless baby blue maxi dress and my blue pumps to go with it. I looked at myself in the mirror. "I hope I look ok..." I thought myself. I shouldn't look too bad? Anyway..I went downstairs to see the girls again, this time not dancing. They were all sitting on the couch drinking lemonade. "You girls ready now?" I asked. "Yep, let's go," Kisten said. I hope those boys aren't there....
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