The Unforgettable Summer

Lauren Marie-Fawcett is a normal 19 year old who works in a modern style café just on the side of the Adriana beach. Her friends Annelise, Izabella and Kisten and her go for a walk on the pier, and accidently bump into cute famous boys called One Direction. When they all start bonding more, what will happen between them, Love, Friendship or Unfair War?


2. Moving In and Packing Out

I went into the café storage or the last time to grab my bag and all my things. I could still smell the baked cookies, cut up fresh lettuce and the tomato juice from the ripe tomatoes. I'm gonna miss this job. I've worked here for 2 years. A small tear slid down my face. Oh, Lauren...Don't be a sook. I wiped the tear off my face. I grabbed my Coach Bag and walked out of the Café to see the girls. "You ready Laurie?" Izabella asked while tilting her head to the left a little. "Yea, I'm ready and I need to get my clothes and stuff from my Apartment. Annelise, you wanna come with me?" I said. "Yea, sure. Girls, I'll see you at the beach house with Lauries stuff ok?" Annelise said to Izabella and Kisten. "Yep. See you there." The girls crossed the beach to get to the carpark. I watched them walk. "Laurie, let's go. Wanna go in your car considering its an expensive Lexus?" Annelise asked. Yea...Ok, but if my stuff doesn't fit in the car, its your fault," I replied to Annelise. We both then crossed the beach to get to the carpark. I just realised that Izzy and Kisten have left. They are probably half way there since its near the bea-. My words were cut off by me knocking into a blonde boy. I dropped my bag and I was on the soft, burning sand. "Oh my goodness babe, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?" The cute blonde asked while giving me his hand. "Im fine and its ok," I replied while grabbing his soft hand. We both stared at each other for about 3 seconds, then I broke the stare. I grabbed my bag and walked off. Annelise caught up with me. I looked over my shoulder to look at him. He was still standing there, looking at me as I was walking. His friends took his stare off of me by poking him and teasing him. I looked back at Annelise. "Oh my gosh, those boys were so hot! I think that blonde likes you!" Annelise said while poking me with a big smile. "Nonsense, he just...Just...accidently bumped into me, or I bumped into him. I dont know, but things like that happen all the time," I replied to Annelise while trying to not put a grin on my face. "Yea, a 3 second stare is so normal and happens all the time Laurie! He likes you, and you like him. You were dozing in his eyes!" Annelise said while giving me a little push. I started blushing badly. "We might not see them again you know?" I said while digging through my bag for my sunnies. "Yea, true. But if there still here when we come to the beach tonight, then we'll see them." Wait what! A beach party? Seems fun, I guess. I hope those boys aren't there tonight! Oh man. Annelise and I arrived at my orange Lexus (Yes, its orange). I unlocked the car with my key and we hopped in the car. I turned the car on, and One Directions song "Summer Love" came on. I didn't really like them, nor even seen a photo of them. All I know is that there young, literally. Annelise started singing along to it, and I hummed to it. We both heard this song so many times, it isn't even funny. I reversed the car, and drove off to my apartment. 15 minutes later after all that crazy traffic, we arrived at my apartment. Annelise grabbed her beach bag, I grabbed my Coach bag and we walked in the lobby. "Hey Samantha," I said to my neighbour, who was down at the lobby as well. "Oh hey Laurie, how are you today?" Samantha asked while looking in her mini mail-box. "Fine thanks, just goin up to grab my things and stay with my friends," I replied. "Oh, ok. Nice to see you." She waved and walked out of the lobby with her mail. "Ok then..." Annelise quietly said. "Yea, its weird talking to her but I just wanna be nice," I said. I pressed the elevator button to go up to level 11. "The last time I came to your apartment, it hardly had anything in it," Annelise said. "Yea, well...Now your gonna see my fancy taste in decorating an apartment," I replied. We both giggled. The elevator door opened and e went in. "So...You up for leaving your apartment for a bit?" Annelise asked, concerned. Why did she sound concerned? "Erm...Not really but you, Izzy and Kisten are my best friends and I need to hang out with you more." She nodded and I smiled. The elevator door opened and we both walked to my apartment door, number 211. I unlocked the door, and I could smell the usual smell, strawberries. "Oh.My.Goodness Laurie, your apartments awesome!" Annelise shouted while hopping on my white couch. "Yea. You have fun and I'm gonna get my things from my walk-in robe. I walked to my bedroom and into my wardrobe. I grabbed 2 of my biggest suitcase that were both orange (Yes, it's orange!). I grabbed all my tops, jeans, shorts, all my shoes, socks and etc. I packed them nicely in my suitcases. I zipped them both up. I then grabbed my make-up bag and went to my bathroom. I put my make-up, moisturiser, and all the things that a girl would need in a make-up bag. I popped that in my Coach bag. I was already puffed out because I rushed. I sat,on my orange and blue sheeted bed. I then thought to myself, "Do I look like a mess?". I ran into my wardrobe and looked at myself in a big mirror. I Iook so normal. My chocolate Brown hair, my green eyes. My hair was seriously a mess from the wind outside. I brushed my hair and cleaned myself up. I then grabbed my suitcases, my bag and went to see Annelise. Annelise was eating ice-cream and dancing to blasted up music. "ANNELISE, LET'S GO, HURRY UP AND TURN THE MUSIC OFF!" I shouted to Annelise. She looked at me and turned the music off. "Sorry, let's go." She put the ice-cream in the fridge. We then both went outside in the hallway. I locked the door and we went down the elevator. She grabbed my orange suitcase to help me. "I'll drive cause you don't know where the house is," Annelise said. I just nodded. We put the suitcases in the back of the car then hopped in. Annelise started the car. "Here, my journey begins," I said to myself quietly.
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