Almost Paradise {Sequel to The Letter}

Courtney and Louis' relationship grew stronger after they found out that they were expecting their third child. Will their stay this strong forever?


2. "I Want a Power Ranger!"

*Court's P.O.V.*

     "Alright behave you two," Sierra smiled as she ruffled the twin's hair. "We will," Logan smiled. "Same goes to you mama bear," she said with a stern finger wag. "No promises," I winked. "Take care of her Lou." "You don't have to tell me twice," Lou smiled, pulling me closer to him. "I'll call you when I get home," she told us as she walked away. "Bye babe!" I yelled to my best friend. "Bye lover!" she waved back. I laughed at our stupidity. We stopped at McDonald's to get something to eat quick. Kennie was actually being good for once while Logan kept whining because he wanted his toy. "Logan eat your food," Lou told him sternly. "Not until I get a toy," he huffed. "Logan James," I said, giving him the evil eye. "Yes mommy?" "Eat your food then you'll get your toy. He nodded then started eating his chicken nuggets. "I guess it's the Southern Belle's charm," Lou whispered in my ear. I just smiled as I continued to eat my meal.

     When we were done we headed to my doctor's appointment. This is where I was going to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. "So do you guys want a baby sister or brother?" I asked, turning around in my seat. "A Power Ranger!" Logan cheerfully excited causing Lou and I to laugh. "I think someone's been watching to much TV with Uncle Zayn," Lou smiled. "I want a little sister so I can play dress up with her," Kennie said. I remember I felt the same way when mom told me that she was pregnant with Mark. In the office, the kids quietly played with the toys that the office had. "Courtney Tomlinson?" a nurse called. "Come on rugrats," I told my kids. They put the toys away then followed me and Lou.

     "How are you feeling Mrs. Tomlinson?" Dr. Kline asked. "Good thank you," I smiled. "Are you ready to see what you're having?" she asked. "Mhm," I nodded. She powered up the machine then brought the wand looking thing on my stomach. "What's that?" Logan asked, pointing to the blub on the screen. "That's your sibling's head," Dr. Kline smiled. She moved it down a little bit. "Congratulations it's a girl," she smiled. "Do you want a picture?" she asked after she wiped the goo stuff off my stomach. I nodded. When she left the room I looked at Lou who was wiping a tear from his eye. "Awwww Louis," I smiled. "So are you guys excited to meet your sister?" he asked the kids, trying to change the subject. "Yes!" Ken smiled. "No," Logan pouted. "Why not baby boy?" I asked as I sat up. "I want a Power Ranger." "You have all of them at home," Lou sighed. "But not a living one!" "We'll get you one for your birthday," I sighed when Dr. Kline came back in. "Here you go," she said as she hand me a stack full of pictures. "I'll see you next month," she smiled. "Bye," Kennie waved. "Bye Kendall," Dr. Kline waved. 

     It was about 4 when we got home. We had sandwiches for supper. During supper the house phone rang. "I got it," Lou muttered as he got up. "It's for you," he told me as he handed me the phone. "Hello?" I answered. "Courtneyy!" Britney cried. "Brit!" I excitedly called back. "Guess what!" "What?" "Mark proposed!" she squealed. "No!" I gasped. "Yes!" "Do you have a date planned out?" "Sometime in September." I let out a breath. "What?" Brit asked. "That's the month when I'm due." "Damn it Court!" she laughed. "I'll asked Mark when he wants to push it back too." "Alright. Well I'll let you go. Love you!" "Love you too!" she cheered before she hung up. "What's wrong?" Lou asked as he took my plate. "Brit and Mark are planning to get married in September," I sighed. "They'll figure something out," he smiled before he kissed my forehead. The kids were in the living room watching Dora while I helped Lou clean up. Once that was done I sat and relaxed on the couch. "Mommy?" Kennie asked. "Yes princess." "Where do babies come from?" she asked. I looked over to Lou. "Well you see when a mummy and daddy are ready for a baby, they pray to God and tell them that they want a baby. Then God puts a seed in the mummy's belly." "So the baby is in mama's tummy?" she asked trying to comprehend it. "Mhm," I nodded. "Ohh!" she smiled going back to her show. At around 7, Lou took them upstairs to get ready for bed. He came back once they were in bed. We cuddled on the couch watching ransom TV shows until 9 when I let out a yawn. "Tired?" he asked. I nodded, rubbing my eyes. He got up then carried me to the bedroom bridal style causing me to giggled. I feel asleep looking and his light blue eyes.

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