Almost Paradise {Sequel to The Letter}

Courtney and Louis' relationship grew stronger after they found out that they were expecting their third child. Will their stay this strong forever?


5. Great Grandma June's Moonshine

     It was around one when I heard the front door open. I was in a light daze but that woke me up completely. I looked over to Lou to see he was still passed out. "Louis," I whispered with panic in my voice. I listened closer to see if Clemi was doing anything but it was silent other than the footsteps that were approaching the stairs. "Louis!" I whined, violently shaking him. "Hmm?" he asked, his eyes still closed. "There's someone in the house," I whispered. He shot out of the bed then ran to the door. He opened it then stepped out in the hallway. I heard something class break causing my heart to beat even faster. I heard Louis talking to someone but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I heard a deep voice slur a response. I couldn't take the suspense any longer. I got out of the warm bed and stormed out to see Lou talking Harry. "What the hell Harry!" I yelled in a whisper. "Hey Courtneyyy," he loudly slurred. "Be quiet! The kids are sleeping," Lou spat. Harry waddled down the steps. "I'll go talk to him," I sighed. "Be careful," Lou said before giving me a kiss on the check.

     I slowly walked down the stairs. As soon my foot hit the landing, Clementine started to whine. "Calm down!" I said as I walked to her cage. I opened her cage causing her to run around the house. Harry was standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open. "Hurry up Hazz," I sighed. "Where's the booze?" he asked. "In that pitcher," I lied, pointing to a picture of water. He took it out the pitcher and placed it on the counter before getting a glass from the cupboard. "I'll pour it for you," I smiled, not wanting a mess. I poured the glass then handed it to him. He quickly spat out the liquid after one sip. "What is this?" he asked in disgust. "Moonshine," I quickly lied. "It tastes like water." "That's Great Grandma June's recipe," I smiled. After another glass, he seemed to be a little more sober. "So what was your motive to get shit-faced to night?" I asked with a yawn. "I wanted to forget," he muttered, starring at the empty glass. "For get what?" I kindly asked. "Everything." "Like what?" "Sierra," he confessed. I didn't know what to say so we sat there in an awkward silence. "Do you mind if I crash on the couch?" he asked. "Nope," I smiled. "Do you need any blankets?" He shook his head no as he walked to the living room. 

     "How's he doing?" Lou asked when I came into the room. "He's heartbroken," I sighed. "Call her and talk to her," he suggested, knowing who I was talking about. I nodded as I picked up my cell phone from the night stand. On that last ring, Sierra answered. "Hello?" she answered, music pounding in the background. "Hey!" I cheered. "What's up?" "Getting ready for a date," she smiled. "Really?" I asked. "Mhm. You know, this break thing was the best idea ever!" "So you don't want to get back with Harry?" "I'll tell you after my date," she giggled. "Well have fun. I'm gonna go to bed." "Talk to you tomorrow," she cheered before hanging up. I sighed as I placed the phone back on the dresser. "She's going on a date," I told Lou as I laid down. "So she's not getting back together with him?" "'I'll tell you after my date,'" I quoted. He nodded then laid down then wrapped his arm around my waist. "Just don't worry about it babe," he whispered to me. I nodded as I closed my eyes. Before I fell asleep, I prayed that Harry and Sierra would get back together.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to update. I hope to be updating more often :)

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