Almost Paradise {Sequel to The Letter}

Courtney and Louis' relationship grew stronger after they found out that they were expecting their third child. Will their stay this strong forever?


3. Finally Grown Up

*Lou's P.O.V.*

   "Mommy!" Logan whined from the end of the bed. "What's wrong sport?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes. "I had a bad dream," he pouted. I got up then held out my hand which he quickly grabbed. We walked down to the kitchen where I got him a glass of water. "Feel better now?" I asked him. He nodded his head then I carried him to the living room to watch TV until he fell asleep. When he did I carried him back up to his room and gently laid him on his bed. I snuck back into me and Court's room quietly until I stubbed my toe on the end of the bed causing curse words to slip out of my mouth. "You alright?" Court asked groggily "Peachy," I fake smiled as I laid on the bed. "Way to go Tommo," she giggled. "You're just jealous of my skill," I smirked. "Yepp that's what it is," she said before wrapping an arm around my waist.

     I was about to go to sleep when I heard Clementine whining from downstairs. "Damn dog," I muttered. I got up to take her out. It was about 5 so I stayed up since I was getting up in an hour. I got a shower then changed. We were having another meeting about the tour. As of right now, it looks like we are going to start the tour in September, the month that Court was due. I didn't want to miss ANYTHING in this baby's life. I had already did that with the twins and I beat myself up about that. I missed their birth, first birthday, first words, first steps, and many other things. I left the house around 7. Off to a meeting where my opinion won't be heard

     "Morning Mr. Tomlinson," the receptionist smiled when I walked through the door. "Mornin'," I smiled back. In the meeting room was the guys with their eyes glued to their phones. "Nice of you to show up Louis," Simon's boomed in the room causing everyone's head to snap up. "Sorry traffic was bad," I shrugged as I sat next to Zayn. "So now let's talk about the elephant in the room," he said, bringing his hands together. "We need to get this tour date figured out." "I vote we don't start it until next year," I said. "I agree with Lou," Niall spoke up. The other guys just nodded in agreement. "Alright," he sighed. "Do you want me to give you the dates as soon as I get them?" We nodded. "Do you have any other things you guys want to bring up?" We shook our heads no. "Alright. I will talk to you guys soon," Simon said as he got up and left. "Well that went better than I expected," I confessed when he left the room. "I think this calls for a drink!" Niall shouted. I texted Court and asked her if it was alright. "Just don't come home hammered," she typed back. "Damn Tommo she has you on a leash," Zayn laughed when he looked over my shoulder. I just shrugged as I placed my phone in my pocket and followed them out.

     "Lou, did, did you know you have pretty blue eyes?" Harry slurred. "Court has told me that many times," I smirked before I took a sip. The other guys were already on their third or fourth drink while I was on my first. I left when they ordered another one, telling them that I would call them in the morning. When I got home, the kids ran to me. "Daddy! We're going to Grammy's for her firework show!" they cheered. "That's great," I smiled. Court was in the kitchen making dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. "So how many did you have?" she asked as she hit the start button on the microwave. "One," I smiled. "Bullshit!" she whispered. I pulled out my receipt and showed her. "Well I'll be damned," she gasped. Clementine came into the room and looked me in the eyes. "What?" I asked her. "She probably wants a treat," Court sighed, handing me a bag of dog treats. I told her to sit then gave her the treat when she did. Court handed me Log's plate while she got Ken's plate ready. "Logan! Food's ready!" I yelled as I placed his plate on the kitchen island.He came running then I picked him and sat him on the chair. When Ken's was done I did the same thing. Court sat with them and ate tomato soup. I wasn't hungry so I stood at the opposite end of the island to give them room. The kids sat there playing with there chicken nuggets causing me to chuckle at them. "Stop playing and finish eating!" Court said sternly which made them stop. "So what's the news on the tour?" she asked me in a happier tone. "Simon's gonna push it back to next year," I smiled. "That's great babe!" she smiled. 

     After supper we sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather. I made a fire and we sat around it. Court was on edge when the kids were making smores. Clemi was being good for once and sat in between the twin's chairs. At nine we put out the fire then went to bed. Court and I laid in bed and talked about things that were on our minds. "I have to say ever since you found out about the kids, you've grown up a bit," Court confessed. "But I'm still a boy at heart," I cheekily grinned. "Okay Peter Pan," she laughed. We talked a bit longer than went to sleep. 

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