Anastasia is an ordinary girl whose life gets and unexpected turn. Read on and find out about her life in college.


1. The letter

Silence and loneliness, those were my feelings at the moment. 

From inside my room, i heard my mum calling me. "Ana, come here for a minute." What does she want this time? I jumped off my bed and headed downstairs. I moved through the living room and headed to the kitchen, my mother was standing still near the kitchen counter holding a white envelope.

"This is for you, it came in this morning." She said and passed me the envelope, with curiosity in her eyes. I searched for the sender. It was from London's College of Art and Music. I was so thrilled, I've been expecting this letter for almost three months and now it was here, in my hands. Should i open it? i wondered.

"Come on, open it." My mum answered my question. I couldn't believe it was finally here. What if it was a rejection? What if i didn't get in? I couldnt bear the thought. Without saying a word i started running towards my bedroom. I sat on my bed and opened the letter.

< Dear Anastasia Martin,

We are happy to inform you that your request was accepted and from now on you are one of our students. London College of Art and Music has accepted your request of scholarship and after discussion we are pleased to provide you with anything you need. You should attend the college grounds on June 5th for the necessary preparations and the start of your courses.

Sincerely, Professor Smith >

I was speechless and extremely happy. I got accepted, and I couldn't believe it. I stormed off downstairs, grinning all the way. It was a pleasant unexpected turn of events. I hugged my mother who was shocked. "I got in , I got in" I started screaming and now i was jumping. "These are great news honey" She smiled and gave me another hug. "I'm so proud of you" she continued.

"Don't cry mum or I am going to cry as well" I warned her, and a smile appeared on her face. "That's better" I smiled back. "Let me see, let me see" she grabbed the letter of my hand. "But- Here says June 5th and its 28th of May- That's so soon" she exclaimed.

That was true, it was so soon. I should start packing my things and go shopping and - oh will i meet anyone there? I should call my dad, and my grandparents, and Donna my best friend. Oh, I was panicked. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed Donna's number.

"Good morning" she yawned from the other line "I got in" I screamed in her ear "Seriously?" she was now shocked and fully awake "Yes, seriously. I'm leaving on June 5th, I'm so happy" I couldn't resist my happiness, it was all over my face, i was grinning like an idiot

"So you are leaving me?" she said sadly "No, of course not. We will keep in touch, we always do. I will email you or call you. We won't lose each other, I promise" I actually believe the things I told her. She was my best friend, I couldn't bare to lose her, we have been friends since kindergarten and I don't think a small amount of time apart would actually ruin our friendship.

"What about Peter?" She asked me and interrupted my thoughts. Oh shit, Peter. I forgot about him. Shit, shit, shit. Will I lose him forever? Will I forget about him? Would he miss me at all? He had never admitted his feeling for me so I was never sure around him, but now I knew I'd lose him and maybe forever.

A tear streamed down my face, I hadn't thought about leaving. I was happy for my acceptance but what about all the sacrifices I had to make? I was sure that me and Donna would remain friends but with Peter... that was a completely different thing.

I hung up with Donna and went back to my room.

I heard a knock on my door. "Come in" i shouted and i saw my little sister coming through the door with tears in her eyes. "Why are you leaving? Why are you leaving me alone? To whom will i tell my problems now?" she said between her tears while hugging me "Come on Stacy, dont make things worse" i said and i couldnt stop the tears anymore."Im sorry" i finally said and kissed her forehead "Why?" she asked confused.

"For all the times ive been harsh on you, i love you" i hugged her tightly and she hugged me back.

"I love you too" she whispered.    

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