Anastasia is an ordinary girl whose life gets and unexpected turn. Read on and find out about her life in college.


2. Peter


After we finished lunch, i got up to my room to get ready. We have decided to go out with Donna. Maybe i would get to see some of my other friends as well.

I decided to take a long bath. After a half hour or so , i returned to my bedroom. I dried my brown hair and curled them. I put on some make-up and looked at myself in the mirror. My hazel eyes were sparking. I felt so beautiful in my black dress and red high heels. I grabbed my bag and went down the stairs.

I said goodbye to my mum and Stacy and left the house. I found Donna waiting for me at the corner of the road. "Hey sweety" she said and hugged me

"Hey, i love your skirt"

"I love your heels, gosh"she said and i blushed

"Shall we go?" i asked

"Yeah lets go"

We started talking about me, and my plans, and if i was nervous for leaving. She seemed pretty sad that i was leaving her We reached our destination, a small bar right at the end of the street.

We gave our orders to the barman. I started looking around, searching for someone i might knew, maybe Peter. What can i say? Old habbits never die.  

After some moments i saw a familiar figure coming towards us. Peter. He was here and he was coming towards us!

"Hey girls, you look amazing" he said and i felt my heart melt

"Thank you" Donna responded

"How are you?" he asked us

"Fine" she replied again

"What about you Ana?" he asked me this time

"Im good, thanks" i replied and i was glad i didnt just say how obsessed i was with him or something even worse

Actually, we started talking about music and stugg and i couldnt help but look at him from tip to toe, maybe i was looking at him for the last time. I didnt know why was i attracted to him but i was. And damn, i had to leave him.

"Have you heard?" Donna stated

He looked at her with a questioned look. I bit my lip and gave Donna a death glare

"Im leaving, im going to college" i said with a fake smile

"Oh really?" he said with an -i dont really care- look "when?" he continued

"In a couple of days" i admitted

"So soon, well i hope you will have the time of your life" he smiled

He didnt seem hurt or anything and i was kinda sad that he didnt but i tried to cover my emotions.

Luckily some other friends of mine came over to us and i forgot about it for awhile. We laughed, had fun until it was time to leave.

Peter hugged me and i felt like crying. When was i going to see him again?  He finally let me go, maybe he cared after all.

I finally arrived home and i went straight to my room.

I lay on my bed thinking about me, Peter, Donna, my mum, my sister, my home, my town. I had to leave everything. But i was coming back, that was for sure. I wouldnt lose Donna, i hope, and if it comes down to Peter, if what we had was real it would last, although i didnt really believe that, and maybe it was better this way. Id finally have the chance to forget about him. 

And i fall asleep, over my wet pillow, where all my tears and memories were now dry.

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