A game of defined destinies

A war has raged in the northern areas of the world lately. It is the Kluthidauch Trio against the Nordics in this treacherous war, but what are they fighting over? Simply just Jutland, the biggest region in Denmark. Denmark however is worried for a small district in the north of Jutland, which if they lose, will be taken over. In fear, he sends his sibling to England to be in safety untill the war has raged down


5. Ternia

Chapter 5: Ternia
<America's POV>
I can't believe this. Something inside me is forcing out on my former allies in this war. Why can't I join their side, what is it even inside me that forces me to fight against them? The answer is simple. A horrible disease named oh-so-obviously 'The Bloodlust'. It's a mental disease that came along 20 years ago, and it forces a person to go even to the egdes of acting out of their normal selves's normal character to become a monster that craves victory.... Or death over others. Which ever came first would be good enough for a person with it. It's controlling me so damn much. I don't want to fight Britain, but yes I do he's in the way, but no I don't! He's almost a father to me, and I can't kill my own dad! Denmark's cool too and he hasn't done anything to deserve the war here, but yes he did he hurt me, no he didn't. He didn't hurt me, he saved me. No he didn't, he scarred me. I can't think straight with this damn disease. I'll just try to hope that my states remain strong enough to avoid catching it, and to not let me down. But they will. Those who aren't me dissapoint me. They are not successful at anything. It's worthless seing them struggle to impress me. Everything is getting blurry as hell, and that damn disease won't help the least bit. I don't want to be on the Kluthidauch side, but yes I do they hate Denmark so they're worth something, but no I don't! They are the ones stealing Denmark's territory! I am growing insane, I captured Greenland by force and forced her away from her own home, that's not ok, I AM NOT OK. Haven't I just ever considered it may be them who it's wrong with? Why are they not the ones who are wrong? She should really belong to me. No she shouldn't. If I was to know better, she should really be her own. But who the hell am I to judge. Everyone. That is at least some treatment to I. After all, I did give the people most of what they have today. I guess there's a point there. I do deserve some respect for being the biggest nation in the world. Then I can side with it right? I am of course right, they don't deserve me. Yes they do, and more even. I just don't want to think like that anymore, but I am thinking like this am I not? Of course not, it's the bloodlust speaking. I would never think like that. I am tired of you, all you do is disagree with the truth, pathetic. Wait, did I just refer to myself as 'you'? It must be the bloodlust, I'm new at stuff like this. Russia must have it, that's why he's so crazy. You are crazy. Russia never had bloodlust, but you do. And have you never gotten yourself to think about it? You were born with bloodlust, a which in this case is rare. However in this battle instead of letting me take over instantly, you try to bend me to make me go to your side. You may have not had much of my side in you in the WWII and WWII. But you had me during the cold war. What the hell am I telling myself?! This is the first time I've ever had this stupid disease, I've never had it before and I'm pretty sure I'm not born with it. But yes you are. We are one, I never came to you. I was created with you. How can you? You're me, just an insane thought. No I am not. Pardon? Suddenly, in front of me stood what looked like a deranged clone of myself, except his hair was a dirtier color of brown, instead of blonde. His clothes were ragged, but patches were everywhere like he had gotten them all from fighting. It chuckled slightly and looked at me with sudden anger and hostility. "This should be you. I should be you. But all I am is just your imaginary friend you had while the bloodlust controlled you. I deserve to be you." It stared me down, and suddenly I remembered who he was. I couldn't believe it! When I was a little kid and didn't care, he was my only friend who loved fighting alongside me! Well, that was in my mind. When I grew older and found out war was no game, even though weapons are awesome as hell, I cast him aside. But I never expected him to regenerate into..... An insane and deranged....Me... The air around us turned ice cold as the spirit imaginary nation had entered the world, I stared at it in dismay. The fog was thick around us, and suddenly he spoke. "Don't remember old Ternia, do you." It was no question. He directly told me that I didn't remember him, but I do. "Of course. Why do you think I shut up, Ternia?" That was who he was.
Ternia. Apparently the new representant of the american bloodlust.

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