A game of defined destinies

A war has raged in the northern areas of the world lately. It is the Kluthidauch Trio against the Nordics in this treacherous war, but what are they fighting over? Simply just Jutland, the biggest region in Denmark. Denmark however is worried for a small district in the north of Jutland, which if they lose, will be taken over. In fear, he sends his sibling to England to be in safety untill the war has raged down


3. Social with allies

"Ugh. It was pretty bad that all the transport was out. Now we have to walk all the way to London...." Vendsyssel sighed in a very annoyed tone. She had not wanted a hitchhiking trip all the way to England's home in the capital of his very own country. The docks had been overcrowded so they couldn't take any form of transport, so England and Vendsyssel left to go home instead of waiting there for hours. The ship crew hadn't gone with them because it was only supposed to be Vendsyssel living at England's home until the war had cooled down so she probably could join in. She was a good fighter, that wasn't the problem. Denmark just had paranoia when it came to knowing he could lose any of his country parts, and even this one that had so much of a culture of it's own. "Well, it's either that or we could've waited for hours in that crowded harbour....." He replied in a tired tone. The fight on the ship must've been extremely tiring. Or he just didn't want to walk either. Now that she thought about it, she didn't know extremely much about him anyways. They were only really good friends because of WWII, and from the viking times. They're both equally old really, and she used to be a vicious viking terrorizing him. No, wait. That was mostly Denmark, but she visited and annoyed him quite often. She remembers it quite clearly-

"Hahaha! The Mighty and powerfull North Denmark has visited you to tell you news!" North Denmark screached out to the field whom she was standing. "Oh god, not you again...." England sighed. This little boy was very hostile towards him, but he still thought they were friends. He made a very big grin, before shaking his head and focusing on England. In a serious manner. "I have decided to lay my old weird personality on the shelf now I've gotten my name." The danish household had first now really entered the whole thing with knights and farmers instead of vikings, and he smiled. "Oh? What's your named then since it's so much of a difference from Denmark that you have to act differently?" England asked in a very uninterested tone just wanting the rabid boy to leave him alone. "Oh yeah! Okay, my new name is....... Vendsyssel." He had paused in the middle of the sentence as if he had doubted something for a second. "Now that I think about it, it's not that cool......" Vendsyssel sighed and turned his gaze to the ground, when suddenly his eyes lit up in delight. "Oh yeah, I'm a girl!" She giggled out loud and ran around, apparently enjoying seeing England's confusion. "Wait, wait. I though that vikings were..... Male?" He was very confused, but tried to hide the relief that the girly boy was actually a girl all along. She looked at him for a second with a weird expression on her face. "What kind of question is that? Of course only males are vikings, why the hell did you think I hid the fact I was female for that long?" She looked awkwardly at him with an extremely clumsy expression. "Well anyways! It was nice knowing you, I guess this'll be the last time we'll ever meet ever again." The little girl sighed with a grin still on her face, as she turned away to stop facing the boy and run towards her ship. England stood with baffled back there. He was confused wether he should be happy the fiend was gone, or sad because she was a fun person to be with. He stood there, and after a while he decided to let it pass by so he could continue living on with being a nation. There was a lot to learn, so he couldn't let a viking distract him.

Now that she thought about it, they weren't that good friends, nor bad enemies. More just aquaintances. But since WWII, she's gotten closer to him; of course along side her brother Denmark. Sometimes she just wished she could have friends without having them be through him. 'Damn that dane. Always takes credit, not even calling me vendelbo. He's worse than back when Jutland, sorry, CROWN Jutland died. I just remember it......' She looked away, like she felt a dagger stab her in her chest. "Is the sudden moving to England too painfull for you?" England blurted out questioning her weird and sudden movements. "I.....It's not that that's bothering me. It's, problems I had as a kid, but it's nothing, really." She laughed caustiously and faked a smile to try and convince him that she was fine. It did not work in any way. He faced her and had a stern look on his face. "Tell. Me." He said sternly with a monotone and metallic voice, looking directly at her. She hesitated for a while. "Fine" She finally said adrubtly and sternly and turned her gaze away.

"The storm had raged ever since Southern Jutland took over the entire region. He was a greedy one, but something seemed familiar in that person. Why would he want a region that he doens't even remember the name of? I remember it clearly. Me and Jutland were 14 at that time, but Southern Jutland grew over our territory. Southern Jutland used to represent us both, you may recognize him as 'Denmark', but after we came to life he migrated to the southern parts. He had lead the much of the vikings in his days, and when I came into the picture, it was nearing the end of the viking times. But of course, Jutland managed to catch a terminal ilness before that. Somehow he turned vurnuable to sickness unlike me and Southern Jutland who wouldn't be affected by this. He had lived everything out even with his sickness, but we knew the nordic gods would take him in with open arms. But now, it was time. He had to go. "Ey." He whispered from the bunk he laid on, already showered with flowers from followers who loved him. "Come 'ere...." He looked away into the sky like he had something to say. "J-ja Jylland." I replied softly to him, trying to hide my depression. "Y-you and Syd Jylland..... You're siblin's...." He muttered with joyfull tears in his eyes like he wanted to say this for a long time. The air was dull around us, like the gods tried to let the two have the silence they deserve. Like they wanted him to go, but it was understandable. He was an amazing person. The tears flowed in my eyes as I thought to myself 'So that's why he feels so familiar'. "I know, because..... I've had visions about you." I couldn't believe him, the gods never sent any of us any visions of the future. "You're lying. I will never be that monster's brother." I shook the tears out of my bloodshed eyes, until I realized his eyes were getting dazy as well. He began sniffling. "N-nej. Don't cry, please Jylland! If you cry, my whole world stops. Then everything will feel wrong. Don't cry." I hesitated between each sentence, now having tears go through my eyes. "How is he more monster than the rest of us? He gave in to the desires of a nation, to keep him strong in theese times....." He muttered softly, quietly sniffling a bit as well trying to understand my request. "I just know you are brothers, and to proove it. I will come to you in your dreams from Valhalla, and tell you. If what I know is wrong, you'll not see a dream." He couldn't handle himself, and gave in to the strong tears and cried out loud. "I don't want to go. I know I'll go to Valhalla..... But I'll leave my love behind......" His words were almost understandable, but were still slurry. I felt jealous. One lucky girl had his heart, and now has to lose a possibly amazing chance of having him. We all knew that Crown Jutland was unrelated to the rest of us. He wasn't found by anyone, making him noone's brother. Denmark had found me, and decided to let me grow into my 14 years later, Jutland however found a way to survive with a human family, and came to our village later on. I hadn't searched out for a lover for a long time since I knew I had many years ahead to do that as a nation. But I didn't realize I loved Jutland for that long. "Who?" I replied with tears exploding from my eyes, now finally being at breakdown screaming my cries out as well. He looked at me with glee in his eyes, something I hadn't seen for a long time. Or to be precise, ever since he got ill. Before I knew, I'd gotten a kiss on my lips. I couldn't believe it, so it was me. I kind of already knew that it'd probably be me, but I never really expected it to be true. "Dig... Je...g.....e...l.sk......er......dig........". Was he attracted to men? That was what I thought at that moment, since I was mistaken for male to be a viking. "I know you are female......... I...isn't tha...t why the...y named ye....... Fre......ya....?" After his sentence, his eyes closed. His last sight was the happiness in my eyes, mixed with tears of pure depression. He had faded to Valhalla. I couldn't be silent for anymore, so I screamed out in pain and misery. My tears was of pure agony and I hugged his body, that was slowly loosing warmth of a human being. After what seemed like only a few seconds, he went comepletely cold. The vikings came in, and scowled at me for crying at the death of a fellow like a woman did. I was done with trying to be a man, when I only ignored love as a male. "Well so? I'm named Freya! I am a female, so why not allow me to do so?!"  I shouted out in our leader's face. He looked at me, very angry. I had lied about being female all this time.......

Well, the rest is slurry, but however I do remember that.... That night he came to me in his dream, and we were together..... As the real last moments. He was right. Denmark was my brother, and he was right all along. The vikings had selected him as the person to tell this. His confession of love and information about my brother was the last thing I heard of him, and he never spoke again, because he said that when I join Valhalla, we'll get the reunion that we wait for." Vendsyssel was now filled with tears as she remembered the last part of the story. "After that, everybody soon forgot I existed, as Denmark grew bigger and bigger. Soon, even he forgot who I was. Only when my family talks directly to me, they remember me. But even at that point, nobody knows me. And I mean nobody." She looked sadly and angrily at England to see his face was that of a sad twisted grimace. "Not Faroes. Not Greenland. Not Denmark........ Everybody has someone who loves them, and if they don't people at least know who they are. Nobody recognize me. I'm not as great as I used to be when I spoke to you for the last time in the viking ages. I'm nothing. No friends, and possibly no family..... I feel greedy. I know many in my family feel the same, wanting to be accepted, wanting freedom, and wanting peace between everything. But I have needs too, I just don't want to be forgotten. It's lonely. No lover. Jutland was the last one who knew who I completely was. Now everybody don't know my part even exists......" She spoke in a dark and metallic tone, similar to the one England spoke in a few moments ago. Her eyes were red, begging to shed the tears. But she didn't allow them. She held them, for theese tears were for real things, not just a simple story of her love who died. He looked at her with a twisted sad look, just being sympathetic for her. But it didn't help. "Let's just move on. I don't want to walk longer than it has to." She quickly said before moving faster on into the shadow of some trees, showing an enterance into a big city. So much for socializing with your ally.....

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