A game of defined destinies

A war has raged in the northern areas of the world lately. It is the Kluthidauch Trio against the Nordics in this treacherous war, but what are they fighting over? Simply just Jutland, the biggest region in Denmark. Denmark however is worried for a small district in the north of Jutland, which if they lose, will be taken over. In fear, he sends his sibling to England to be in safety untill the war has raged down


1. Sending a member away

Denmark sighed and put down his paperwork. They were coming soon. And he knew why they were. Simply to say goodbye to their sister, the one who was leaving them. You see, there's been this war running for about 2 years now. It's between the Kluthidauch Trio and the Nordics, however the kingdom of Britannia, meaning Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland and others were on the nordics' side. The continent of North America however, was on the side of the Kluthidauch. The Kluthidauch was entirely made of Germany, Austria, and Poland. They wanted to take over the region of Jutland in Denmark, because they believed that it rightfully belonged to Germany. The nordics disagreed in this. Jutland belonged to Denmark, not Germany! But not soon after, realization had hit Denmark. His sister's land lied in Jutland! If they lost to the trio, she'd be theirs! She was used to taking over other nations, when her brother did something like that. If he lost her to Germany, she'd be mortified and lost forever. So he had to send his own sister away. To England, where she could be safe from the war. His sister was the northernmost district of Vendsyssel. Vendsyssel was endangered by the war for the entire region of Jutland. So tonight was her last night with Denmark before she'd be sent away. As he continued thinking, Vendsyssel came down the stairs in a more casual clothing than usual. "Hej." She said quietly, knowing Denmark didn't like the idea of her leaving. "Hej." A short blunt reply was all she got out of him. He was tired from all of that paperwork he had to do. Because of the war, Denmark had gotten many expences from protecting Vendsyssel, and affording weapons for his ships. Greenland and The Faroes were coming over, and wanted to say goodbye to Vendsyssel. Maybe he could convince them to join the war in the last minute. What seemed like hours passed by since one of them last had spoken, the doorbell rang. Of course it was who he had expected, Greenland and Faroes. The two nations did belong to Denmark and they are nordics, so they should have some part in it helping their big brother. Even though they don't like him so much, they should like to help their big sister by fighting for her. "Vendie, we'll have to speak alone together for a while. Please go upstairs and wait untill we're done..." He sighed and looked up to the girl standing on the stairs. She nodded and turned upstairs to the room she had borrowed from him. "Greenland, Faroes!" He suddenly blurted out since he hadn't noticed his brother and sister enter his house a few moments ago. "Where's Vendsyssel" Greenland asked in a worried tone. She had apparently already heard about the sea-war the nordics currently were in. "Upstairs, because I have to speak to you." He said short and loud, succesfully gaining their attention. "I'll have to ask you to join the war with the nordics, and Brittania....." He said unusually calm for it being Denmark, and also very softly. "WHAT?!" Faroes exclaimed in horror, and Denmark really wasn't suprised. "I will not partake in this war! My economy is bad as it is right now, and I need no war to get me in even more trouble!" He growled at his older brother, clearly not showing interest in wanting to let his people fight a war for the nation that won't let him be independant. He scowled at the brown-haired man with anger in his eyes. "Listen, Denmark. I don't wajt to risk losing my entire military, and so much money. I'm in a very big financial issue right now." He sighed with annoyance in his eyes, staring directly at the dane. "Fine. You've denied." He said short, before turning his gaze to his sister Greenland, holding something in his hand that looked like a badge of some sort. The badge was a logo of a swan with wings that looked like they were flaming, in the shape that was. It said "The Storming Swans." That was the forces of the nordics and their help from the United Kingdom. She clearly had trouble choosing because of all the family she had in the other war-force. Faroes looked over a bit skeptical at his sister. "Sister. I shouldn't decide this, but I don't think you should join..." He sighed, only to recieve a snerpy look from Denmark at the other side. "Faroes, let her decide it on her own." He chuckled slightly at his little brother trying to act like he knows best. After a while, Greenland decided to voice what she had decided. "Sorry. I won't join. There's just too much family involved...." She croaked a bit. After that reply, Denmark smirked and chuckled. " 'F course." He muttered to himself as he noticed Vendsyssel walk down the stairs, assuming that it was soon time for her to go. She frowned as she saw the other two with a horribly sad expression. "Mange gange undskyld, that I have to leave tonight on such a short notice." She called up from the stairway, and then she ran down them with her bag of items she shouldn't forget. Her clothes were clearly indicating that she was a part of the Storming Swans. It looked like something America used to wear back in WWII, with about 5 chains hanging on her back, with minor bolts attached to it. The bolts could be loaded with electricity, and were therefore good for a medic to use, so if a person gets too close to an injured person, they could stun them so they wouldn't bother. And on her chest was the logo of the Storming Swans, in the colours of her flag. She sighed as she saw Greenland run over, clamping her eyes shut and shooting her arms around her. She tried calming the nation down and telling her it was alright. Faroes looked at her, and his eyes were narrowed with twisted eyebrows in sadness. He was clearly trying to hide the emotions swelling up inside him , for some reason. He usually did that, it was just how he was when he was sad. They didn't say anything for a long time, they just stood frozen in place for a while. The doorbell rang, and the sound pierced through their ears. It was time. Denmark coughed a bit, sounding like he was forcing down a sulk, and went over to the door and opened it. He was right. England stood there, and he was ready to take Vendsyssel with him. To safety from this war.

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