Imagines(One Direction)

These are just short imagines(: If you want one please just comment with your name, age, hair color, eye color, likes, and which boy!:) Thanks


2. Winter's walk


As soon as I got in from school, I heard a distant ring from my mobile, I must have left it in my room. As I hurried up the stairs to my room, I just missed the call. I looked at my phone to see 5 missed calls and 2 voicemails ~wow someone wanted to talk to me~ I listened to them and a semi-deep chocolate smooth voice started talking "[NAME] pick up your phone! I need to talk to you, come on [NAME]  pick up" I groaned and gave a exasperated sigh, the only word that came to my mind was 'Trouble'. I dialled the number and he picked up straight away, "Hello [NAME], why haven't you been picking up? I was worried" his voice said smoothly. "I left my phone at home, that's all, I am back now" I muttered "I am only back for a week and you haven't called me yet, that's all..." He says "Your back!" I squeal with delight and lie down back on my bed. "Yes and I miss you" He says cheekily "Well I miss you the most!! We have to meet up!!" I manage to say without squealing some more. "No point" He mutters  I gasp and hold my breath, he is not breaking up with me, no way. I keep the mobile to my ear for a few second and just as I was about to hang up I hear,  "I'm already pulled up at your drive"    I pull off my school uniform and pull on my best jeans, hoodie and Uggs, and run downstairs. Just as expected i opened the door and he was standing their looking quite stunning. "You-look-amazing" I mange to get out of my mouth,  "You look beautiful" he says, with compassion in his voice.  "I look a mess" I retort He moves closer to me and whispers in my ear "You look ready to go on a nice winters walk" I look at him like he was stupid, "it's freezing and you are wearing a suit"  "Well let me inside, I still have some of my clothes in your wardrobe I think" he replies. He remembers. He always used to keep a bunch of his clothes in my wardrobe just in case. "Yes you remember correctly" I mumble as a pull him into the warmth of the house and rush him upstairs to my room.   I pull out a pair of his jeans, a t-shirt and his Jack Willis jumper. He put the jumper over his head and looked at me saying "You know I love it when you wear this jumper" my cheeks darken as I ask "How did you know I had worn it?"  "It smells good, like you" My cheeks blush violently and I change the subject. "So where are we going?"  "I was hoping we could go into the woods" he replied  I looked at him and said "Harry you know I am scared of the woods and especially in the night"   "Don't worry" he replied "I won't let anything happen to you"  I looked at him for a while, then he smiled at me, the heart warming, cute smile that melts me, those dimples, I just couldn't say no "Okay" I muttered and we were out of the door in ten seconds flat.   During the car ride we talked about the band, his next tour and he sounded exited. I just kept thinking about how long he would be gone for and that I wanted to come with him. "Stop being selfish" I thought to my self, "He is living his dream and you will just bring him down by mentioning it". I continued listening to all of his adventures and loved how he had made so many new friends.   When we arrived at the woods, Harry just jumped out of the car and walked straight to my door to open it, "Gentlemen much" I joked, smiling in the process,  "Yes because you are a lady" He replies smoothly.   ~In the forest~    "Okay Harry I think we should start to head back now" I murmur. He looks back at me and grasps my hand, weaving his fingers through mine, and says "But we are nearly there".  I sigh and continue to trudge along, dragging my feet on the path.  I look up and a drop of water drops onto my cheek making a splash sound, I wince at how cold it is and I shiver. And before I know it Harry had his arms around me and was hugging me while we walked. As soon as the hug finished I felt another and another until was lightly raining, we ran through the forming puddles and Harry pulled me through the clearing in the trees onto a small hill. I stand there in the pouring rain shocked. "It. It's beautiful" I stutter looking up towards the stars, Harry looks at me and starts to walk closer to me.  "I knew you would like it" He said with a glint in his eyes, he smiled "A special place for my special girl".   My heart was beating, head pounding, cheeks reddening and my breath had been taken away, I looked at him.  The perfect being: beautiful brown curly locks with shining green eyes, dimples on his cheeks, beautiful body.... He had it all, and yet he was with me, a average looking girl, not a super model. I looked into his eyes and knew then and there that I would always love him, there and then that I didn't need to be chasing him up all the time, there and then that I do love him. I walk closer to him and put my hands on his shoulders, looked into his eyes and said "Harry",  "yes" he replied as I move closer to his ear "I love you" I whisper, moving away slightly and looking at those green eyes once again but before I could move closer away, he pulled me into his arms and whispered "I love you too" but before I could say anything more he gently kissed me and hugged me tightly. He pulled away and brushed a strand of my hair away from my face, "You are beautiful".
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