Imagines(One Direction)

These are just short imagines(: If you want one please just comment with your name, age, hair color, eye color, likes, and which boy!:) Thanks


4. Livin and Harry


Livin's POV 

As I put on my black rain coat, I headed outside to meet him and it was tipping it down outside. Just like him to get me out in this weather. I walk down the street down to Harry's house and knock on the door.   

Harry's POV 

I hear a knock at the door and hurry down stairs to answer it. Opening the door, I see Livin standing there in the rain looking really pretty. I pull her inside and tell her to sit down, obeying she sits.    "What do you want Harry?" She asks and impatiently taps her foot on the floor, she was adorable. I place my hand on hers and trace around the marks on her hand. Livin blushed and I tap her nose, "I want to take you somewhere but you need to dress nice, okay?" I tell her and Livin looks at me like I'm some crazy man. "Just dress nice" I continue and poke her in the belly. "Harry!" She yells at me and I just chuckle to myself. Livin gets up and we say our goodbyes, and Livin leaves. Gosh I can't wait to ask her.   

Livin's POV 

I get dressed into a mid-length, tight black dress with black pumps. Moving my dark hair to the side of my head and pining it there, I lock my house and wait for Harry's call.   

~5 minutes later~  

  I hear the familiar tone of "Last First Kiss" and pick up my phone. "Hey Darlin! So when are you going to pick me up?" I ask excitedly and Harry answers "Pulling up now", putting my phone down, I see Harry pull up and get out of his car. He hands me a bouquet of flowers and placed a silk blindfold over my eyes, "Harry what are you doing?" I ask, "Just wait and see" he replies casually. After about a half an hours journey we stop and Harry pulls me out of the car, we walk for ages(Or that's what it felt like) and Harry finally took off my blindfold revealing a beautiful countryside scene.   "Harry, it's beautiful!" I remark and marvel at the beauty, turning round to see Harry standing there with his hands behind his back and smirking.

"Harry.." I smile and walk over giving him a hug, Harry tightens his grip on my waist and pulls me closer to him. Placing my forehead on his, I kiss his nose and make my way down to his lips. Harry crashes his lips onto mine and he kiss passionately until we needed breathe, I smile and Harry pulls a little box from his pocket, snapping it open he reveals a silver chain necklace with a heart charm, on the charm I saw a small H&L engraved into it. 

"Harry it's beautiful" I sighed and was brought into another passionate kiss. I smile and we hug...

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