Imagines(One Direction)

These are just short imagines(: If you want one please just comment with your name, age, hair color, eye color, likes, and which boy!:) Thanks


3. Jerahmy and Niall

Jerahmy's POV 

As I walked towards the door of my car, I heard the familiar sound of "That's what make you beautiful" ring on my phone. Smiling I pick it up. 

N: Hey Babe you ready to go?

J: Yes! Where shall we meet?

N: Meet me where we first met, the park. 

J: Okay, Will be there in 10. 

N: Okay, Love you!

J: Love you more!

N: Love you most..

I smiled and hung up. Niall made me the happiest girl alive, his smile, his accent, his gluttony. I laughed happily to myself and parked, getting out of the car I saw the park was completely empty... Weird.. Laughing on the inside I wandered through the park and came to a halt when I saw a strange sign that said "Follow the lucky clovers". It's just like Niall to do something like that, I followed them until I came across another sign "Look up". I look up to see Niall sitting there grinning like a fool in the tree, weird child. I clambered up the tree to where Niall was sitting and he pulled me into a bear hug, "Niall!" I yelp, worried about falling out of the tree. 

After we climbed down from the tree and Niall looked at me, grabbing my hand and he started running. 

We ran for ages until we came to the edge of the park, right under a really old oak tree... 

"Niall why are we here?" I ask curious to the answer, I let go of Niall's hand and slump against the oak and Niall sits next to me. "Well I just wanted to give you something..." Niall says and moves a strand of my brown hair out of my face. Niall gets down on one knee and pulls out a little velvet box, "Jerahmy will you promise that you will be mine until we are old enough to get married?" Niall asks and my cheeks startto redden. The box snaps open and a ring is reviled,  silver with a cursive marking saying "Promise". Oh my goodness... "Niall James Horan... Of course I will!" I accept and we shared a long passionate kiss. "I love you" I whisper into Niall's ear, "I love you too" he whispers back. "Jerahmy I love you as far as the universe stretches and back"...  

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