Imagines(One Direction)

These are just short imagines(: If you want one please just comment with your name, age, hair color, eye color, likes, and which boy!:) Thanks


1. Getting back


I get into my car to go to school when I hear my phone go off, I pick it up "Hello"  "Hey Hayden!!! Just calling to make sure you remember we have school today"  I roll my eyes and sigh "Yes Louis I remember"  "Good because I can't wait to see you and if you didn't I would have to come and get you myself"  I giggle "Goodbye Louis"  "Love you"  "Love you too". I put down the phone and put my car into reverse.  Driving into the school carpark I notice how many more  reporters and journalists there were and remembered that here there is no peace not when you are best friends with the boys.  I park my car and walk to the school gates. As I go into the main school building I see my boys walking towards me. "Hi guys" I call out walking at a faster pace, as I get to their group I am smothered in hugs, hi-fives and kisses. "Guys I was only gone for 2 weeks!"  "I know" Harry says "But we missed you"  I missed you more!" I shout "But I missed you most" Louis whispered  into my ear as he hugs me from behind and plants a kiss onto my cheek.  "No PDA please!" Niall shouts loudly. "Sorry mate but I haven't seen my girlfriend since she left for Spain, I think I'm aloud" he says with a smile on his face.  I put my hand into Louis' and whisper into his ear "Will you go out with me tonight?"  He looks at me and whispers back " Took the words right out of my mouth, yes"
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