Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


9. 9I

party time!! i put on my fake eyelashes, the gown, and everything. it was already night. so i mom curled my hair. she said that she hadn't patience and she waited. mom was very talented with curling irons! she knew what time the hair would be perfectly curled. i looked like MISS PERFECT!! i dashed to the party. my friends were happy to see me. "hey, girlfriend!! you look like MISS PERFECT! every guy in this party will tell you that you broke Aphrodite's record". they said. just then, since Candy invited all the students, all of their biggest hearted crushes were out there. Rebecca was in a table. just then i remembered. sometimes things will change if i wanted to. i don't really rule the whole school, but i can also make someone that one. and Rebecca deserves to be MISS FANTASTIC!! i looked at Jackson if he's heading for my direction. with my high-technology blue eyes, i can see him without squinting. i finally calmed down. still, my friends weren't giving up. they tolf\d me how much we cost our dreams and feelings with my dress and the whole training. i started doing my senses. i told them that we were ON!! Candy told me that we were having a fashion show for all of the girls, and we went backstage. we saw Rebecca. she was sooo miss FANTASTIC! but let's see what that dress will defeat my richness. the five of us looked MISS EVERLASTING POPULAR, MISS FANTASTIC!! none of those girls are beautiful, nor pretty. Rebecca was first. we were the last. because we were the leaders. "those girls look pretty! i bet if i get those makeups, i can finally dress up my new mannequin!" Ebony said. but if i publish my style, especially my beauty and fashion trends, no-body in the entire universe will defeat me!! MUAHAHAHA!! "i'm seeing the students, especially the guys are seated at the tables. and i bet Edward would see this." Anne said. i can't believe they also have crushes!! Rebecca was on the side, smiling meanly. i rolled my eyes. her outfit looked like some of those garbage bags knitted together with used cloths. and i can see clearly that she has a phony eyelash sticked to her eye. it was so clear! finally it was our turn Rebecca and her PHONY friends went to the side of the curtain to see my talent. but two years of model training, i knew what i should do. the guys were very pale because i was soooo cute. they started pulling out papers and roses for me. i saw Rebecca on her PHONY table. i winked at her. i saw Jackson. but it doesn't matter if he saw me. because this is pretty normal. i head backstage. Candy played a slow song. since, it was valentine's day, she wanted a music about love. just then, Edward, Jackson, Ryan, Andre, and Ian asked us five to dance. i felt good about that. my friends found true love and me too. <3 

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