Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


8. 8

tomorrow is the party! i started doing backflips like what barbie did in the three muskeeters. mom was relieved to hear that one. but she expected for some kids. i rolled my eyes. besides that, i learned Rebecca's secret. if that what she says, i'm not going to quit, because the planning of flirting with another guy is a group of three. not two. your clique would be horrible. well, you can be a clique, but i now what she would get, a poo-cleaner. hohohohoho! OMG!! did i said that embarrasing laugh? maybe not. i put my feet on my houseslippers and went to the stairs. i went to the living room bathroom. because, dad was cleaning mine. i smelled the air-freshener. i washed my face and looked at the mirror. since i'm very white, i can be whiter than powder. even my armpits were clean. nothing to remove. YUKK! i hate that word! and my blue eyes looked boring. well, at least it's sparkling the ocean at night. i looked at my blonde hair. i always wanted to tell my mom i wanted brown or red hair dye. because to me, everything seemed so white. i went out of the bathroom and waited for my mom to make breakfast. i changed into my PJ'S. mom finally finished cooking and we had bacon and fruits. i only ate one, because every-body told me that bacon isn't healthy. so i had to be careful of what i'm eating. like every time in parties, i asked my mom how many calories is in that kind of food. like eating burger is 700 calories, so i just eat like salad or soda. i'm really not the person who eats even though it has one million calories. thanks to my auntie comforting me that being fat is healthy not like a walking stik!! THANKS A MILLION AUNT RUBY!! my whole family can be crazy, but they gave me good fashion clothes!!

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