Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


7. 7

i was writing my diary in my window when i heard crashing noises on my mom's yard. it was  like going on forever. i looked outside if what the heck was out in there. a girl with black hair and violet streaks was stopping them. "WHAT in the world are your little CHILDREN doing on my lawn??" i asked meanly. "well, my name is Rebecca Adams. and these little kids aren't my children, they're from a day care and i do my job." Rebecca said. i can't believe it was her! what's so with HER?! didn't she know that the lawn ornaments are broken?! just then Jackson appeared at the road. i was like, "oh, great.." i acted really cool at that time. i got a bad feeling about mom. she was staring at the window. i guess she dreamed about CHILDREN. i started panicking where i would hide.  just then, a guy's VOICE called my name. it was Jackson. i did nothing. Rebecca just stared at me with a green face. she's green with envy. Jackson waved then went away. i rolled my eyes at Rebecca with a mean smile. she was almost exploding like those chili bombs on the plants vs zombies. after all, i'm the zombie. Rebecca left. she flipped her hair like i do always. UGH!! ONE MORE FACE OF THAT STUPID JERK, I'LL PUKE ON HER HAIR SO SHE JACKSON CAN'T NOTICE HER BRAINWASHING ATTIDUDE!! i flipped my hair. soon, we were SHOWDOWNING. i said the words i learned from MISS PERFECT'S GOSSIP. Rebecca seemed to be smart. but her beauty, wit, intelligence are not stronger than mine!! i rule the intire world! and she rules the kids. Rebecca said she has two friends, Cherrie and Violet. i laughed like Squidward. i told her i had four friends. much more popularity than ever!! MUAHAHAHA. or maybe i got too far.

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