Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


6. 6

i heard my telephone ringing. it was Candy. "hey, Beatrice! go and get Jackson!" Candy said.


ME: "Candy what for?"

CANDY: "for you! tell him to be your valentine!"

ME: "what in the world! no way! there's no way you're gonna let me do that!!

CANDY: "Beatrice, it may be hard but you have to stop doing crazy kisses on the air! talk to him! it's on your charm, it's with your own mind! you can't let him fall to the wrong way! a student named Rebecca Adams was having a crush on Jackson too! the whole school was voting who's going to be his girlfriend! or valentiner!" 

i was shocked. going to be his girlfriend? PUH-LEEZE! there's no way that Rebecca girl monster dare to bid my secret crush! in that case, i'll whip her out of his mind!!!! i grabbed my magazines. the magazine told me i need at least a friend to be my clique and i need to surface or distract him whenever a girl approaches him. talking or sitting with him would make the two of us a happy couple! i told the girls about it. they were ready to do it!!  yeah! Rebecca Adams, show me what ye just got!!

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