Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


5. 5

last night was very romantic! even though Jackson wasn't falling for me, i can still do my hair twirling style. for guys, me is 100% while for the girls, Jackson is 100% so that means we have the same popularity record. and that makes me happy because we have the same talent and stuff. too bad he doesn't design clothes. at my locker today, i was adding a layer of lipstick on my mirror. suddenly, my eyes moved. i saw Jackson on my mirror! he was 10 lockers away from me. to bad if he was next to me, we could chat for hours. and this twirling hair experience would go on forever!! it also means that i'm confused and shy with the words he's saying. everytime i do that action, guys would faint! i always give them activities like the dropping purse game. and the guy who got my purse is going to have a prize. i would give them an air kiss. no, not on the lips or the cheek. on the AIR! guys faints when i do that goodluck stuff. plus my shining smile sparkles across the school's hallway. it's my loving chance. i ran to Jackson and said, "Jackson! Candy just, phew! hosted me to phew! a valentine's party and phew! are you invited? phew!"i guess i was sweaty all over beacuse i kept on saying, "PHEW!" i wiped my sweat. "no, i haven't heard of it. but i would be honered if i join it." Jackson replied. i gave him the invitations. after i gave him the details, i flipped my blonde hair and walked away. that means i'm pondering. Candy jumped out of no-where. "i heard you talking and flipping your hair to Jackson!" Candy said in a loving voice. "Candy, love isn't used to be disturbed! it's supposed to be private!" i said. "AIIIIEEEEE!" Candy cried. finally, i knew her crush. it was Leo Huntsman. "well, Candy, how's your relashionship with Leo? eh?" i asked. "can't talk i have to go!" Candy said, running.

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