Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


4. 4

mom and dad stayed from home because dad got a fever. i placed my tiara on my bookshelf on top of my bed. i opened my window. i breathed the air. ahhhh.... the fresh air from nature. i just got a text message from Anna. we were going to decorate the party even though it's nine days away. i went to Candy's house. the party was located at her wide yard. i blew the balloons. Freddie, Candy's neighbor told her he just came home from art classes and he said he was talented to make sculptures. so we told him to build a sculpture of Eros. holding his loving bow. Freddie agreed, since it was going to be hard work, we paid him $40 dollars. i got a shawl from my closet!! it was white. it wasn't too long anyway. since the night was pretty boring, i started doing illustrations in my closet. i was drawing some nice french style when some rocks started appearing at my window. i looked who that culprit was. "okay! that's enough, SHOO!!" i screamed. i was suprised to see JACKSON on our front yard. he told me it was a PRESENT. i almost reached heaven he threw it to my face. "BULL'S EYE!" he said. it was very strange. i unwrapped the present. it was a $700 necklace from Diamond Sunlight, the very expensive accesory store. i knew this: i put Jackson to the bright side with my beautiliciousness!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!maybe on the dark side. it's clear because according to my fashion magazines, guys will give you presents when they're in LOVE. well maybe i got too far. maybe it's just a valentine's day present. maybe i really didn't drove him to the bright/dark side with my shining face and lip-gloss and my blonde hair which i always twirl every time i talk with guys. because i'm the mad lover!! i think i'm Aphrodite!! 

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