Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


3. 3

when i got up, i went to the kitchen and......."AHHHHH!!" i was shrieking!! the kitchen table was filled with ants and five COCKROACHES  were flying to the air conditioner. well, i never had the talent to spray out the bugs. so i just went back to my bedroom shrieking off my head. i slammed the door shut. the problem is, mom and dad were working. i shut down all of my windows. even the windows on my closet. since i had my own bathroom, i could have a good shower. i went inside. i sniffed the air if i had buggy and dirty intruders. there was nothing. i opened my bathroom cabinet. i still had the Poodle's Dream liquid soap and shampoo. i really loved that Poodle's dream. it also had a show for teenagers. like me. plus, she loves desinger clothes like me. BTW, i'm also busy. i had 60 lollipops to pack. i already shopped the ribbons and boxes. after i had my shower, i packed the presents and they looked perfectly romantic! i took a sneak peek at the window. the mail box had a MAIL. since i hate bugs, i decided to just jump out of my window. i jumped and kinda loosed my balance a bit. i opened it and it was a present. i climbed back to my room by a little help with the tree on my window. it was from my frenemies, Candy and Courtney. they gave me a a beautiful $400 tiara with a heart-shaped diamond on it. it was beautiful! they left me a message saying:

Dear, Bea

wear this on the party. we'll wear one to! don't break it! it's true diamond product!!


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