Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


2. 2

next morning, i was very excited for the party. no, not the party, the PARTY SHOPPING. i could use my very own credit card. the next thing i knew is i'm GONNA BURN the mall. BUUURRRNNN!! Anna, Ebony, Courtney and Candy called me. they told me they were shopping for the things they need to use for the party. i threw my clothes in and rushed to the mall. they were at MY HAPPY CELEBRATION. Anna was looking for a heart shaped balloon. after we shopped for the food and treats, we decided to just text the whole school instead of wasting money. for the grand finale, we got for SALE outfits from a designer store!! they all left. i was searching for a lip-gloss. i found one from the NATURE REBUBLIC. i got a nail polish with hearts, a matching lip-gloss with hearts and a   pair of beautiful red shoes. i found a locket in a shape of a heart!! i have been right!! we picked the right day to shop!! i thought if Anna had a right time to shop forecast because if that's true, i'll download it on my phone. and my endless wardrobe would be FABULOUS!! i got a pink gown with a red bow on the hip. plus, the gown is sparkling!! it was from GOWNY GIRLS. and it's $500. afterall the shop is made by hand. i looked at my closet. i had a matching golden bracelet and a white clutch! why do i always get lucky? well maybe only on fashion. i head to mom, since it rained when i got home from the mall, it was a bit slippery. "mom! mom! mmmmmmmmmmmooooooooomm!" i shrieked. "sweetie cheesetriangle, what is it?" mom asked. "Candy just hosted a valentine's day and she said we have to bring presents. and i want to give them heart shaped candy lollipops." i said. "well, there's a store nearby i always shop for presents and candies." mom said. YIPPEE!!

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